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SMP Ballasalla 1 v Missfits

It was an early start for both SMP Ballasalla and Missfits last Sunday as they met in the first round of the new format for the Manx Netball Association Cup. This year the tournament has been divided into 3 distinct competitions which sees the Premiership Teams fighting the Cup section out between them.

SMPs’ intent was clear from the first whistle; demonstrating some slick, accurate passing they stormed into the lead, preventing Missfits from scoring until the 7th minute and taking the first quarter 15-7. In the second quarter Missfits seemed to find their rhythm bringing the ball up the court, but their best efforts were met with tight defence from the SMP trio of GK, Ciara Jacobs, GD Claire Barks, and Ella Carridge at WD. Despite this the Missfits shooting duo of Becky Dunne and Hannah Riley, kept the score-line ticking over and the third quarter saw them achieve their highest tally of 8 and push their total to 22. However, SMP had also kept their momentum and had established a commanding lead of 41-22. The final quarter was all SMP. Their attacking quartet of centre, Rhian Evans, WA Jane Ryder, and shooting duo of Ashley Hall and Kate Tebay, GA and GS respectfully, stormed through the final 12minutes and despite some impressive tips and interceptions from Missfits defenders, Lisa Quilliam and Tilly Davies, SMP enjoyed their best quarter adding 18 goals and finishing the game winners 59-28.

POTM Jane Ryder, SMP.

Simcocks Red vs Thomson 1

The game between Simcocks Red and Thompson 1 looked like it was going to be a physical and tough match. Both teams took to the court with determination. Simcocks red missing a few key players but they had players from the blue team that stepped up and slotted in seamlessly. Thompson put out a strong team and tested Simcocks red from the off. Chloe Gale played really well in defence giving Aalish Bridson her season debut at GS for the Red side. Aalish played extremely well sinking some great shots. Alice Cross at the other end played well and despite the strong defence of Chloe Gale and Viv Shawna, Alice managed to put some clean shots up and moved well round her circle. Hannah Leece worked hard through mid court making vital tips and interceptions for her team. Thompson worked really hard, but didn’t have an answer to the strong Simcocks side. Simcocks won 51-20

POTM. Chloe Gale (Simcocks Red)

Vase matches

Marbree Motors vs Route 1B

Taking to the court in their new dresses Marbree certainly looked the part today.

The first quarter looked set to be a close match as shooting at both ends by Anna McChesney (Marbree), Chrisite Morgan (Marbree) and Alex Honour (Route 1) was on point. Both teams took opportunities to turn over goals from the oppositions centre passes, making great interceptions midcourt. It was a steady first quarter finishing 12-9 to Marbree.

The start of the second quarter looked positive for Route 1 as they scored numerous consecutive goals quickly taking them into the lead. Despite this strong attack from Route 1 and some great shots from Honour this didn’t phase Marbree who worked solid in defence to bring the score back making the score at half time 25-18.

Marbrees defence continued to put the Route 1 girls under great pressure, which seemed to force errors in their attack allowing Marbree to very effectively keep possession of the ball with short sharp passes especially in and around the attacking circle with support from sisters Sammy Bowden and Michelle Cannell. Marbree scored another 10 goals this quarter with Route 1 scoring 6.

The Route 1 defence put great pressure on McChesney and Morgan at the opposite end but this didn’t seem to faze the girls who seemed to be on fire in the circle throughout.
With strong support from the sideline and determination on court to seal a victory Marbree took the win to seal a position in the semi-final of the vase. Marbree won 41-36.

POTM Anna McChesney (Marbree)

Manx Gems vs Thompson 2
Both teams started out strong with Manx Gems taking the lead 10-9 by the end of the first quarter. Thompson pushed ahead during the second quarter resulting in a 23- 15 lead at half time. Despite Manx Gems' best defensive efforts, Thompson continued to build on their lead during the third quarter with some tough defence throughout the court and excellent shooting from Emily Gaylor and Nan Williams resulting in a 31- 19 lead. Manx Gems had a strong final quarter but Thompson pushed further ahead, ending the game 44-26.

POTM Nan Williams (Thompson 2)

Simcocks Green vs Simcocks White

With a few team players missing and new faces to each of the teams, this was going to be a close fought game, and that it was. Both teams started with a few nerves, but the sharp shooting from Sam Dunn and the strong defence from Claire Parker saw the whites take the lead going into the second quarter. The second quarter was very even both teams fighting for the ball, Sarah Cain and Jen Kennaugh working hard in mid court, but equally Jess Clucas and Alice Danes likes up well in the attacking end for the greens. The teams were level going into the second half of the game. Green dug deep and found a little more in the third quarter, Alicia Hide having a good game at GS. The game could have been anyone’s but the Green team found the extra boost they needed in the final quarter Jess Clucas linking well in with her attackers and moving freely round her shooting circle, white kept up their hard work, with Lisa Douglas and Claire Parker working tirelessly in the defence for the white and Paris Barton and Sam Dunn trying to get that clean shot on goal. The greens came out on top by 10 goals. POTM Jess Clucas