Route 1 Turbos 39-36 Simcocks Gold Eagles


With both Simcocks Gold Eagles and Route 1 Turbos undefeated in Division 1 so far this season, this was the match both wanted to win. This was a postponed match from earlier in the season and the stakes were high for both sides.

The first quarter was tight with both teams playing well with the ball being turned over at both ends and going back and forth up the court. Alex Honour (GA) provided extra speed and agility to the Turbos attack and worked well with Elena Reid (GS). Reid once again displayed brilliant movement in circle against the strong defensive duo of Maylyn Campbell (GK) and Emily Munro (GD) and made excellent decisions under pressure as to whether the shot was on or whether to use the circle edge support of Fiona Clark-Wilson (C) and Alice Willoughby (WA). Willoughby and Clark-Wilson brought strength to their attacking side, linking well in the midcourt and particularly at the centre pass. Turbos finished Q1 with a 2 goal lead.

Quarter 2 saw much of the same great play from both sides with some excellent shooting from Simcocks’ Heather Parsons (GS) and Jess Clucas (GA). However, Route 1 really settled into their game this quarter and fantastic rebound work from Rose Turner (GK) coupled with countless turn overs from Jemima Shepherd (WD) helped Turbos to extend their lead here by 7 goals.

The third quarter saw Simcocks switch their team up and bring on the fresh legs of late arrival Ciara Danes at C. Georgia Mitchell moved to WD and Jo Sterioplous moved to WA. Ruby Turner (GD) continued to read the play well and managed to intercept many a ball into the circle. She worked hard with her sister to protect the rebound space and paired well with Shepherd (WD) and Clark-Wilson (C) to provide fantastic support throughout the court. Turbos still has an overall lead of 8 goals but in terms of goals scored this quarter, there was only 1 goal in it.

In the final quarter Bayleigh Mitchell came back on at C and Ciara Danes moved to WD tightening up the defence on Willoughby (WA). Both teams were really pushing at this point and the pressure began to show as errors were made providing turn over opportunities for the opposition. However Turbos, who had led the game from the beginning came out on top.

POTM Alex Honour, Route 1 Turbos


With both Simcocks Gold and Route 1 Turbos being undefeated so far this season, both teams went head to head for the top spot on the league table and both wanted the win.

The first quarter was tight between both teams playing well with the ball being turned over at both ends, going back and forth up the court. However, some fantastic shooting from Elena Reid (GS) and Alex Honour (GA) meant that the quarter ended 11-9 to turbos.

Quarter 2 saw much of the same great play from both sides with some great feeds from Georgia Mitchell (WA) and excellent shooting from Heather Parsons (GS) and Jess Clucas (GA). However, turbos settled extremely well in this quarter, and with some fantastic rebound work from Rose Turner (GK) and turnovers by Jemima Sheppard (WD) allowed turbos to extend their lead by 7 goals going into half time.

Simcocks switched their team slightly for the third quarter and brought Ciara Danes on at C. With some strong feeds into the circle from Danes and Jo Steriopulos (WA) and great shooting from Clucas allowed Simcocks to increase their goals scored. The hard work from Turbos defense continued though and their support from Fiona Clark-Wilson (C) and Alice Willoughby (WA) mean that turbos maintained their lead, going into the last quarter with the score at 33-25.

In the final quarter, Bayleigh Mitchell came back on at C and Danes moved to WD tightening the defence on Willoughby. The Simcocks side came out strong. with some great turnovers in the defensive circle from Emily Munro and Maylyn Campbell and great interceptions from Danes and Mitchell allowed the attack to feed the ball nicely into Parsons and Clucas. With about 3 minutes to go Simcocks had closed the gap in the scoreline to 36-37. However, turbos quickly increased the pressure and with some great takes from Alex Honour allowed turbos to score. The game ended with a win by turbos 39-36.

POTM - Alex Honour Route 1 Turbos.

Thompson 2 30-37 SMP Ballasalla B

In a match rescheduled from earlier in the season, Thompson 2 lined up bright and early against Ballasalla B for the final fixture before the Christmas break. As has been a recurring theme this season, Thompson were forced to field a somewhat out-of-position team, including Zoe Shimmin returning after several weeks away following a shoulder dislocation. The Thompson side nonetheless put together some promising plays, with gutsy defence from Natalie Christian and excellent teamwork between Lesley Patterson and Pip Cross in the shooting circle. Ballasalla B came out with a little more intent, however, and established a lead in the first quarter that Thompson were unable to claw back. Ella Carridge’s speed proved extremely effective at WD and, combined with some outstanding defence from Sarah Lister and Zoe Kirkham, made for a defensive trio that truly dominated their end of the court. Anne-Marie Crompton and Rachel Hopkinson were on form in attack and capitalised well on any turnover opportunities. Overall, an enjoyable match to close the first half of the season, and thanks must go to Emma Williams and Debbie Evans for stepping in to umpire at late notice!

POTM Zoe Kirkham, SMP Ballasalla B