Route 1 Connections 36-11 Thompson 1

The match started closely contested, with both teams passing accurately but unable to completely relax. Defence at both ends of the court worked hard to limit their opponents shooting opportunities however some accurate long range shots from Connections’ GA Nicky Spencer and GS Clare Battye saw Route One edge ahead 6-2.

Route One extended their lead in the second quarter and defensive pairing GK Katrina Keeling and GD Hannah Snidal moved well to cover the circle and limit Thompson to only one goal despite dynamic drives from Thompson GA Gwen Williams creating some promising opportunities.

The third quarter saw a drop in Connection’s passing accuracy in the attacking circle and Thompson were quick to turn over any loose balls. However, now at GD, Island Netball Squad member Keeling (sponsored by Viking Office Supplies) made several key midcourt interceptions and linked well with WD Paige Skillicorn to bring the ball back into attack and allow Route One to pull ahead 26-5.

Thompson came out strong in the final quarter and made excellent use of GD Breeshey Harkin to bring the ball up the court supported by C Hannah Clague and WA Kira McAteer, who fed the ball into the circle calmly and accurately, resulting in several goals in quick succession. However with Keeling now at GS, Route One were able to maintain their’ consistent shooting and the final score was 36-11.

POTM: Hannah Snidal, Route 1 Conections

Simcocks White Eagles 65-10 Motaworld Nightingales

Simcocks made a very strong start in the first half of the game, with a score of 36 - 4 at half time. Lauren Christian and Gemma Williams from Nightingales made a valiant effort in defence however Alicia Hide and Sam Dunn made a great team as shooters and rarely missed an opportunity to score a goal.

In the second half Nightingales moved players around with Alexis Teare moving from mid court to GD. From this position she made some great interceptions and Nightingales managed to get into a good rhythm scoring 5 goals. However, Simcocks continued to extend their lead further and did not seem to slow down when they went to 6 players in the final quarter.

Nightingales showed great team spirit and put in the effort all the way to the final whistle. The match was played with fantastic sportsmanship by both teams. The final score was 65 -10 to Simcocks with POTM being awards to Chloe Wood of Simcocks after her impressive efforts in defence.

PotM Chloe Wood, Simcocks White Eagles

Simcocks Green Eagles 41-41 Thompson 4
Q1. Slow start for Simcocks and Thompson taking advantage of this capitalising on turnovers which resulted in the first quarter Thompson leading by 4 (6-10)

Q2. Simcocks started to settle into the game with their defence finding the rebounds and winning the quarter 8-5 bringing the score back within 1 (14-15)

Q3. Simcocks saw Jess Clucas come in at GA which resulted in normal play for Simcocks and Thompson defence worked hard against Clucas and Salinardi which resulted in Simcocks agin winning that quarter by 16-9 and also taking the lead by 6 (30-24)

Q4. Thompson came back fighting as there was everything to play for, unfortunately for Simcocks due to unforced errors Thompson took adventage of this and again capitalised on this bringing back the score to within 1 with minutes to go, Thompson got another turnover bringing the score level with seconds to go.
PotM : Alex Johnston, Simcocks