Thompson Travel 17-40 Manx Gems Amethysts

Thompson Travel started strongly, Gabby Divall on her return to Club games following gaining her first cap at the U17 National squad Tournament in Gibraltar took the Centre Bib. The Thompson Team only had three of its regular U17 Purple Team the rest of the Players were part of the U17 White Team which in turn is made up of mainly U14 players. Both teams had to work really hard throughout the first half of the game, with some great turnovers and excellent shooting. Half time score was 15 v 11 to Gems.

Thompson made some team changes and kept fighting, Emily Rawlins intercepting the ball on more than one occasion, and the other players strongly marking their opponents. They attempted to pull themselves back into the game as it started to run away from them, but Gems Players proved themselves to be too strong and experienced that combined with accurate shooting, particularly in the last quarter, led to an inevitable win 40 v 17.

Great play and sportsmanship exhibited by both teams which was a pleasure to Umpire.

Potm : Gabby Divall, Thompson; Emma Leith, Gems

PWC Ambers 35-14 SMP Ballasalla 1

Ambers went into this game sitting at the top of the division however this was going to be a close encounter against an improving Ballasalla 1 side.
Both teams started well with Ambers taking an early lead in the first quarter 10 - 5

Both centres Niamh Skillicorn (Ballasalla) and Ashleigh Baines (Ambers) worked tirelessly to feed the ball up court and control the fast pace of the game.
Both Ambers GK Misha Cooke and GD Hannah Halsall battled hard to keep the Ballasalla shooters from converting their goals a sub at quarter time saw Macy McCance continue to deny the Ballasalla shooters and at half time Ambers were ahead by 18 -10

Third quarter Ambers started to dominate and their shooters Lucy Brown GA and Aailish Kelly GS had a flurry of goals to move ahead 29 -11

Ballasalla GD Georgia Walton made some vital interceptions and rebounds for her team. The Ballasalla shooting duo worked the ball succesfully and made some vital goals, but Ambers continued their flow to win the match.

PotM : Macy McCance, Ambers; Niamh Skillicorn, SMP Ballasalla