U14 League

SMP Ballasalla 2 21-7 Simcocks Blue

SMP Ballasalla’s U14 second team took on Simcocks Blue early Sunday morning. Simcocks had players missing and did well to limit Ballasalla to four goals in the first quarter. They fought hard but struggled to get the ball through the defensive wall of Lilly Elson and Charlotte Brooks. This, combined with the shooting accuracy of Millie Amphlett, meant that the score was 9-2 at half time. Both sides had a shake up and experimented with players in different positions in the second half. Emily Osbourn worked tirelessly in the shooting circle for Simcocks and they did well to score in every quarter, but Ballasalla went into the final quarter comfortably in the lead. The final quarter was a very different story. Simcocks found a combination that worked for them and scored more than they had in the other 3 quarters combined; the game was going goal for goal. The match finished 21-7 to Ballasalla. Players of the Match were awarded to Annelise Mellor for gaining numerous interceptions for Ballasalla, and Nikisha Keig for her excellent timing and work rate for Simcocks.

U17 League

PWC Ambers 42-2 SMP Ballasalla 3

Balla 3 won the toss and took first centre but were unable to convert their advantage. Ambers quickly turned over the ball with some excellent interceptions form GK Tori Leece and GD Hannah Halsall. Balla had some opportunities to score but the Ambers defence were quick to respond with their rebounds and feed the ball through to C Ashleigh Baines and quickly back up to the Ambers shooters Aailish Kelly GA and Alisha Fitzgerald GS who converted their goals successfully. Balla GK had a strong first quarter and made some great interceptions inside the circle.
First quarter Ambers were up 13 -0

2nd quarter saw Ambers change many of their positions. GD Becca Cooke made some valuable interceptions and demonstrated her versatility and ability to change form her normal shooting position to defence. Phoebe Jones WA had a strong quarter feeding the ball successfully to the Ambers shooting duo. Balla GD Alicia Kewley had an excellent quarter and made some vital interceptions for her team. Ambers went into half time leading 21-0

Ambers and Balla 3 made some changes in the 3rd quarter and this saw a strong performance from Balla C she passed the ball successfully between her team mates and fed the ball strongly into her shooters but unfortunately they were unable to convert their chances and Ambers were strong to capitalise on the rebounds and move the ball swiftly back up the court for the counterattack.
Ambers continued to dominate and went into the final quarter 31-0

The 4th Quarter saw changes again from both teams and Balla GD Amelia Simpson Had a brilliant quarter and displayed some excellent rebounding and interceptions. GA Becca Cooke had a flurry of goals and demonstrated why she was named player of the match for Ambers. Balla battled in this quarter and were finally rewarded with 2 goals. Final score 42-2 Player of the match for Balla 3 Amelia Simpson.