U17 League
SMP Ballasalla 3 13-26 Simcocks Eagles
On Tuesday evening, SMP Ballasalla 3 came up against a strong Simcocks line up who took a significant lead straight away. Sophie Howland and Claire Mason controlled the centre court and took the ball to their shooting circle with ease. With it being 11-2 at half time, both teams had nothing to lose and made changes to their line ups. The injection of Lily-Louise Slade seemed to work for Ballasalla as they played with more drive and determination. They won this quarter 8-6 but still trailed by 7 goals. In the second half, both sides continued to trial combinations. The Simcocks defence worked effectively to limit Ballasalla to 3 goals with Millie Kinvig disrupting the flow of shooting sisters Sophie and Lucy Radcliffe. The Ballasalla defence worked just as hard and Alicia Kewley managed to make numbers interceptions but they then struggled to get the ball out of the third. Simcocks won the game 26-13 with Players of the Match going to Kenzie Pizzey for Simcocks and Lucy Radcliffe for Ballasalla.