Suntera Global Ballasalla Bravo 35 Route 1 Connections 31
POTM Niamh Skillicorn for Suntera Global Ballasalla Bravo

With the versatility of the players in both Route 1 Connections and Suntera Global Ballasalla Bravos, no-one could predict the line-ups, and with their last match being so close (Route 1 winning by 3), no-one could predict the outcome either. The match began at a fast pace with the game going goal for goal. Shooter Kat Keeling and Nicola Spencer played to their strengths in the circle with good holds and accurate shooting and enabled their team to finish the first quarter one goal ahead despite not having the first centre pass.

A big change for Ballasalla saw Ashley Hall move from goal defence to goal attack. Ballasalla wing defence Rachel Hudson got some great deflections, and with the feed to Kate Tebay hitting the target from anywhere in the attacking end, Ballasalla managed to capitalise on any turnovers and were 6 goals ahead at half time.

Claire Battye came onto court at GK in the third quarter and was able to slow the feed. Interceptions from Route 1 wing defence Cassidy Pizzey were played nicely down court by Sara Watterson and Holly Burgess. With this, Route 1 were able to gain a goal back and Ballasalla went into the final quarter only 5 goals ahead.

There were several positional changes at this point. For Ballasalla, Niamh Skillicorn went to centre, Emily Ashe moved to wing attack and goal attack Mairi Harrison moved to wing defence. For Route 1, Eliana Kneen moved back into GK and Holly Burgess moved to C, but it was the precision passing to Kat Keeling from Claire Battye, who had moved to wing attack, which proved problematic for Ballasalla goalkeeper Zoe Kirkham. Challenges from Route 1’s circle defence of Eliana Kneen and Paige Skillicorn were matched with intercepts at the other end from Ballasalla goal defence Clair Barks and wing defence Mairi Harrison. While Route 1 were able to win the final quarter again by one, it was not enough to eat into the Ballasalla lead. They won 35-31 and Player of the Match was awarded to Niamh Skillicorn.

Division 1
Thompson Travel 2 42 Long & Humphrey Toomraiders 44
POTM Jess Edmonds for L&H Toomraiders

Both teams started well with little between them. Thompson just managed to edge ahead, taking the lead 11-10 in the first quarter. Thompson started strong in the second quarter, with some good shooting from both Georgie Harding (GS) and Ella Crowe (GA), which allowed the Thompson girls to increase their marginal lead to 24-20 at the end of the first half.

The third quarter saw Long & Humphrey continuing to build momentum, with some excellent play from both Kym Hicklin (GA) and Jess Edmonds (GS). Long and Humphrey won the quarter 12 goals to Thompson's 11. Despite Thompson's best efforts, they could not shake off Long and Humphrey, who continued close on their heels throughout the game. It was the third quarter which saw Thompson's lead reduce to 3 goals and a result of 35-32.

Long & Humphrey continued to apply the pressure in the fourth quarter with their centre pass set plays continuing to work to great effect and making life difficult for Thompson's defence. There really was nothing between both sides in the final quarter, with the score swinging both ways throughout. Unfortunately for Thompson, who gave away a few turnovers and with Long & Humphrey continuing to attack with great effect, Long & Humphrey secured the win, 44 to Thompson's 42. With player of the match going to Long and Humphrey's Jess Edmonds.

Division 2
Simcocks Silver Eagles 16 WDS Ltd Young Farmers B 24
POTM Nicci Cain for WDS Ltd Young Farmers B

The match started with Young Farmers B only having 6 players, Simcocks Silvers used this to their advantage and took an early lead ending the first quarter 9 – 2.

By the second quarter Young Farmers had a full team and were back to full strength. Lucy Corlett GD for Farmers had a couple of nicely timed interceptions which were then converted down the other end. Silver’s lead was reduced to 11-9 at the end of the second quarter.

Simcocks Silvers made some changes in the third quarter moving McKenzie Pizzey from her usual GD position to C in an attempt to strengthen the teams mid court however Farmers were well into their stride and by the end of the third quarter, they had taken the lead by 16-14.

Farmers shooting duo were on top form, proving just too much for the young Silvers defence and the game finished with Young Farmers winning 24-16 and player of the match going to Nicci Cain (Young Farmers B) for her unmissable shooting.