Our foray into the ever growing world of men’s netball took a leap forward at the weekend when an outstanding contingent of brave souls turned up at 9.30am on Sunday morning to start Men's netball on the Isle of Man by taking part in a fun and competitive introduction to netball. After a series of fitness and skills drills, the boys played a series of games - and while there was a lot to learn about the finer nuances of "footwork" and "obstruction" it was a very accessible introduction to the game.

With a strong start now and a strong foundation to ensure that we have enough players to make the game work, now is the best time for you - or your son/brother/father/boyfriend/husband - to join. It's a great sport that will provide opportunities for both competitive players at a high (and potentially international) level, and also accessible to men who want to play socially in local games.

Contact [email protected] or Michael Josem on social media for more info