C and S Blue 27 v Misfits A 21 
Misfits started off the game strongly with Emma Snell C, making some vital tips turning the ball over.  C and S managed to stay in touch with the game and never lost sight of the win. Misfits GA Sandra Burrows took injured early in the second quarter which weakened the team and threw them off slightly with the changes allowing C and S to gain control of the game. Emma Snell took the GA bib with confidence and managed to continue scoring with ease for her side with help for her fellow shooter Mel Trees.  Misfits defence worked tirelessly to keep them in the game but C and S were just too strong through the mid court once Injury forced a change of positions for Misfits and Misfits just couldn't take back the win. POTM Emma Snell.

Route 1 Turbos 29 v Route 1 Sparks 14 
On paper Turbos should have come out of the blocks quicker than they did with both defending ends preventing any goals for the first 4 minutes of the game.  Turbos did finally score the first goal but Kate Anderson and Milly Smallwood had made it very hard work for the Turbos shooting pair of Hannah Roberts and Holly Williamson and continued to apply the pressure throughout the game.  Turbos defence of Michaela Robinson and Natasha Wilson was just as effective though and Sparks struggled in the first half of the game to get any momentum.  The ball was turned over time and time again through the mid court proving the hunger both teams had to take home the win.  The score line of the game does not reflect how hard Sparks fought in this game.  Sparks are coming together very nicely and continue to get stronger. POTM Natasha Wilson

Marbree Motors 37 v C and S Yellow 12  
Marbree came out this morning for the win.  They were 7 goals to the good within the first three minutes and it didn't look like things were going to change.  With a strong team and plenty of subs and C and S only managing to field 6 players Marbree took the game with ease.  This doesn't mean to say that the C and S girls didn't put up a good fight.  C and S GD Lauren defended extremely well and when half way through the game changed to GA she proved how versatile she was and continued to play her socks off.  All of the C and S girls should be proud of their conduct on court and the fact that they remained in fighting spirit. Each one of the Marbree girls played some of the best netball I have seen from them so far and they seem to get stronger and stronger.  A good game from them. POTM Amy Pointon