Castletown 21, SMP Ballasalla C 24
Castletown have had an impressive first season in Division Two however this match saw SMP Ballasalla C defeat the previously undefeated Castletown side. It was not an easy game for Balla by any account, the physicality of the game was obvious and both teams were as eager to win the match as the other. The last time these two sides met Balla was rife with injury and absence and Castletown secured a hefty 24-6 victory. It would appear from the off that Balla had something to prove as within the first quarter they had secured a lead of a couple of goals. Balla continued with this pace and Castletown dug deep to tighten the goal difference at the end of the second quarter. Going into the third quarter a couple of missed shots and unforced errors from Balla saw Castletown take the lead going into the final quarter. Balla regrouped and came out in force looking determined to secure a victory over the League winners. The last quarter was levelled out and was goal-for-goal up until the final 4 minutes where Balla managed to turn the ball over and take the win by a three goal lead! It was a very physical game; Castletown’s defensive duo put a lot of pressure on Balla’s shooters making it difficult for them to find space in the circle and at the other end Castletown’s GS was on top form converting almost every shot. A great victory for SMP Ballasalla C who have had a tough season.
PotM: Anna McChesney (SMP Ballasalla C)

Manx Gems Sapphires 22, Simcocks Green Eagles 34
The game started off quite evenly matched with both teams aiming to keep possession as minor infringements occurred.  PWC Sapphires were feeding the circle well with good movement from Alex Wilson-Spratt (C) but good defensive work from Phoebe Roosen (GK) & Millie Clarke (GD) kept Simcocks in the game.  Charlotte Meechan (C) was having a strong game and made good connections with Megan Roberts (WA) to create a positive attack to shooters Lucy Allen (GS) & Ciara Danes (GA).  Strength was on the side of the young southern team who managed to keep their composure & took a comfortable lead in the 3rd Quarter.  However, at times Sapphires did produce great defensive work as the defence made timely passes to Helen McCard (WA) who fed quickly into Sabrina Crowe (GS).  However, Simcocks defensive was too strong and a number of turnovers from Millie Clarke (GD) were crucial for Simcocks to seal their victory. 
PotM: Millie Clarke (Simcocks Green Eagles)

Thompson 5 17, Route 1 Sparks 27
Unfortunately Route 1 were in a difficult position to start with only 5 players available due to Easter Holidays and most of their club away on the Disney tour.  However, they came out fighting and stood their ground with some fabulous leaps & driving runs from Sara Watterson (GA).  Thompson 5 have had an up and down first season were unfortunately losing key possession through simple infringements.  The team would also have benefited from using a more strategic play to close down the space for Route 1.  Victoria Singer (GD) worked hard to keep up with the pace of Sara with Steph Halsall (GK and C) showing determination in her game.  At half time the scores were very close and Route 1 were just slightly ahead due to a number of missed opportunities by Thompson.  Although showing signs of tiredness Route 1 didn't give up and by controlling the space they were able to dominate the game more than they should.  Kirsty Finn (WA), who showed great enthusiasm, continued to chivvy her team along with words of encouragement.  Unfortunately, Thompson didn't have an answer and seemed to lose heart in the final stages. 
PotM: Victoria Singer (Thompson 5)