The Spaniards 21, Marbree Motors 41

With Spaniards finishing above Marbree Motors in last year’s table, this was set to be a tough match for Marbree. Feeling this pressure Marbree headed into the game with some nervous play struggling to work the ball into their circle with great interceptions from Spaniard’s Allie Crebbin (GD) and Ruth Kinnish (GK). With this strong defence and excellent movement around the shooting circle from key player Sara Collister, Spaniards were proving last year’s victory over Marbree and finished the first quarter with a 2 goal lead.

Moving into the second quarter, it became evident that Marbree had lost their prematch nerves and began to build momentum demonstrating their speed and agility down the court. Moving seamlessly from Sammy Bowden (C) through to Michelle Cannell (WA) into Amy Musson (GS) to finish the second quarter with a 3 goal lead. Continuing this agility into the third quarter Marbree were able to continue their stamina with fresh players and it became evident that Marbree were becoming the stronger team, highlighted especially by Marbree’s GA Christie Morgan and her unstoppable shooting which earned her a well-deserved player of the match. This teamed with Marbree’s solid defence Amy Kneale (GK) and Stacey Morgan (GD) meant Spaniard’s struggled to claw back further goals allowing Marbree to sail ahead with a 12 goal lead. Now with complete control over the game, in the last quarter Spaniards suffered an unfortunate injury leaving them a player down and forcing them to make some last minute changes. However, the previous goal lead already proved too much for Spaniards to bridge, allowing Marbree to end the game with a 41-21 victory, putting them third in the league.

Manx Gems Emeralds 20, Route 1 Sparks 39

Manx Gems Emeralds started strong, pushing Sparks and taking an early lead. Emeralds GK Jess Hawkins used her height to great advantage picking off a big number of passes into Sparks GS Gabi Pickering.

Sparks then upped their mid court game and maintained a 5 point lead through to half time.

Between a change in Emeralds defence and excellent court coverage and shooting from Sparks GA Elena Reid, Sparks pulled away in the second half.

Emeralds attack made some great shots against the much taller Sparks defence though they were unable to pull back the early deficit.

PotM: Jodie Wickers, Route 1 Sparks

Castletown Navy 28, West Coast Fitness 5

Castletown quickly got into their stride after taking the first centre pass and ultimately scoring their first goal. After a few interceptions by Castletown’s defence (Sarah Lund and Jordan Moore) the game progressed well in Castletown’s favour. West Coast came out stronger in the second quarter and fought hard. Their WD (Mel Menton), GD (Caroline Marshall) and C (Anna Watterson) worked well in the centre third to bring the ball up the court. Castletown’s defence worked well together to defend the circle and GK (Jordan Moore) made it very difficult for West Coast’s shooter (Leona Kitchen) to get in to position. Within the attacking circle, Castletown displayed excellent communication skills and with the added height, the game ended 28-5. West coast battled hard throughout the game and they’re definitely a team to watch this season.

PotM: Leanne Smiley, Castletown Navy.