Thompson 3 30 : Route 1 Sparks 26

Whilst Route 1 Sparks have been topping the Second Division league table recently, Thompson have a game in hand yet so for Sparks, this was a must win. Unfortunately for the ladies in green, it wasn't a good start. Thompson were much more switched on in the first quarter and working really well together at the centre pass were Thompson's Beth Callow (C) and Lesley Patterson (GA). Patterson unerringly finding WA Voirrey Cashin in the bottom corner and then coming in to get quick ball under the post - and converting at a high rate.
At the other end, Route 1's attack were struggling to get balls past the Thompson defence. The quarter ended 11:3 to Thompson.

The second quarter saw Route 1 put Jodie Wickers into Centre and her athleticism paid dividends. Coupled with a change to WA for Ealish Baxter, Route 1's attack was more dynamic. Thompson's Kirree Kermode(GK) still picked off some overhead shots but Gabi Pickering (GS) and Elena Reid (GA) had more chances and converted them to goals. Route 1's defence settled in a bit and Susie Roelofse (GK) was able to turnover the ball a number of times and the scoring opportunities were much reduced. A much better quarter for Route 1 saw them dominating but still trailing at half time 17:12.

With players maintaining positions in the third quarter, the scoring was much more even. Thompson's Steph Halsall (WD) was making life difficult for Route 1's Baxter at centre pass but by now the greens were able to convert all centre passes to attack opportunities. Shooting at both ends was accurate, with not many rebound opportunities for the defence teams. A fairly even quarter that Route 1 won by one goal, reducing the third quarter deficit slightly. Thompson still led, 23:19

Route 1 saw an opportunity to grab the win in the last quarter and came out determined. However, Thompson's attack had their own game plan and Patterson continued to dominate both in creating the attack and scoring. Route 1 continued to put points on the board, both Reid and Pickering shooting well. The quarter score was 7 all, showing how evenly matched the teams were and Route 1 were left ruing their first quarter. A good tight match, played tough but fair that saw Thompson ultimately run out the winners.

MNA PotM : Jodie Wickers, Route 1 Sparks