Missfits A vs Thompson 2

It was a slow start to the game with both sides struggling to find the net but that didn’t last long with the strong partnership of Missfits shooting duo Rebecca Dunne (GA) and Lauren Ellison (GS) soon finding their range. At the other end, Missfits GK Tilly Davies and GD Lisa Quilliam, made it very difficult for Thompson’s Lesley Patterson (GA) and young Gwen Williams (GS) to find the net, and the first quarter ended 8-1 to Missfits.

Missfits had a strong start to the second quarter with Hannah Riley as C linking up well with Suzanne Gray (WA) and new addition Tara Murphy (WD). The trio made it extremely hard for Thompson’s centre court and turned over several attacking attempts. The ever dependable Ellison and Dunne made Thompsons defensive pairing of Breesha Harkin and Zoe Shimmin work extremely hard and extended Missfits lead to 22-6.

Moving into the third quarter, Thompson saw some changes with Hannah Clague moving from C into GA and Natalie Christian into C to try and keep up with the speed and athleticism of Riley. Davies and Quilliam were consistently making it difficult for Clague and Patterson and worked tirelessly picking off numerous interceptions. Missfits entered the fourth quarter with a 22 goal lead.

The final quarter saw great play from both teams and Thompson seemed to gather more momentum with Kira McAteer (WA) linking well with her sister to feed their attack, scoring 3 more goals than other quarters. Missfits continued to increase their lead, with a motivated effort from all players. The match ended 40-19 to Missfits.

POTM - Hannah Riley, Missfits A

Route 1 Sparks vs Simcocks Green Eagles

Sparks started this encounter meaning business with shooters Gabi Pickering (GS) and Ella Webster (GA) sinking their shots with great accuracy. Green Eagles shooters Cristina Salinardi (GA) and Jess Clucas(GS) were under a lot of pressure from Sparks’ tall defenders, leading to a 10:1 score in Sparks favour at the end of the quarter.

Green Eagles then brought on tall goal keeper Eloisha Dunne to join Alex Johnston at GD to add height and strength to their defensive end - however Sparks continued to shoot to great effect. Sparks defence duo of Lucy Miszewski (GK) and Freya Skillicorn (GD) were working hard to deny Green Eagles shooting opportunities, switching well in the circle. Green Eagles had a better quarter but Sparks still lead at half time, 17:5.

Sparks kept the same positions in the second half with only the defence duo of Skillicorn and Miszewski swapping position. Green Eagles boosted their defence by moving Greeba Taisia from WD to GK and Dunne moving to GD but even they couldn’t stop Sparks’ shooters. Green Eagles mid court players Laura Nicholson (WA) and Janet Craine (C) worked well to get the ball up court against a very determined defence from all Sparks players. Despite this, Sparks extended their lead to 25:7 by the end of the third quarter.

In the 4th quarter Sparks built on their lead, putting great pressure on Green Eagles any time they had the ball. Sparks’ Holly Burgess (C) and Lisa Fitzgerald (WA) were key in moving the ball up court with Fitzgerald getting a number of interceptions. Green Eagles had changed their defence again but were unable to make much impact on Sparks scoring.
In a tighly fought match, Sparks came out the winners 35:12

POTM : Lucy Miszewski, Route 1 Sparks.

PWC Manx Gems Sapphires vs Simcocks Silver Eagles

This match was anticipated to be a tough one for both teams, each hungry for a win. From the first blow of the whistle possession was back and forth between the two teams, with the first goal of the game being scored by Sapphires after a tense five minutes. Both sides were finding their feet with lots of lost possession up and down the court. There was some great defending from both teams resulting in a lot of interceptions particularly in mid court from Sapphires Emma Leith (C) and Becca Cooke (WA). Simcocks Cassy Pizzey (GD) and Alice Hodgson (GK) put up a good defence in the circle making it a close end to the first quarter with Sapphires leading 7-4.

Into the second quarter and the players had settled down with some fast-paced netball racing end to end. Sapphires got into their stride with some superb turn arounds from the defence, Daisy Downs (GK) and Jessica Halsall (GD) passing the ball up the court to their attackers who in turn created multiple opportunities for their shooters Amaline Batty (GA) and Trudi Halsall (GS) to score. They did and led at the end of the quarter 17-8.

Simcocks started the third quarter well with some good attacking passes from Millie Kinvig (WA) and Sophie Howland (C) and scored quickly, Helena Allen (GA) and Paris Barton (GS) gaining more confidence. This was the closest quarter with great defending from both teams, not only in the end thirds, Sapphires Sabrina Crowe (GK) reaching some great rebounds, but also in the centre third – Holly Hennessy (WD) for Sapphires and Lucy Faragher (WD) for Simcocks. Sapphires led 22-11.

The final quarter continued at a fast pace with goals being scored both ends. Although some of the players began to tire, Sapphires seized their chances in the circle to net a flurry of goals.
The speed and intensity of this game was evident throughout the match – pressure on the court, suspense on the sidelines. Sapphires putting on an impressive performance for a 30-15 win.

POTM Becca Cooke, PWC Manx Gems Sapphires