U17 League

SMP Ballasalla 3 19-13 SMP Ballasalla 4

The inter-club match between SMP Ballasalla 3 and SMP Ballasalla 4 made for an enjoyable game for both the players and spectators. The determination shown by the defence on both sides lead to a very low score line at the end of the first quarter. Alicia Kewley and Hannah Walters, the Goal Defences on each team, stopping the play before the ball entered the circle on most occasions. With only 5 goals being scored in total, the shooters of both teams made a conscious decision to up their game and they came out firing. Freya Jones and Georgia Cowley linked together well in the shooting circle for Balla 3, and Chloe Bajaard worked tirelessly to gain better shooting positions for Balla 4. As a result, the score was 11-9 at half time and the game was either teams’ to take. The third quarter belonged to Rachel Amoedo, who was able to make 3 interceptions. This, however, wasn’t enough to stop Balla 3 pulling ahead and ending the quarter 16-12. The two Centres, Kayleigh Denton and Holly Price, battled it out in final quarter and worked tirelessly to bring the ball down the court but nothing was getting over Charlotte Watson’s head at GK for Balla 3. Balla 4 were limited to only one goal and lost the game 19-13. This game was played with great spirit and Player of the Match went to Rachel Amoedo.