U17 League

Ballasalla 1 16-34 Route 1 Chargers

Another well contested great game of netball fromour U17 players. Ballasalla played a really tight game, with close marking and well timed runs forcing Route 1 to rethink their normal style of play. The final score does not reflect the level of play Ballasalla brought to the game.
Initially both sets of defence teams had the shooters rattled with the first goal not coming until well into the fourth minute of play. Ballasalla’s Shrav Sivakumar (GK) was tenacious and with Jemima Dention (GD) and then Amelia Brockbanks, they proved to be a formidable problem for Route 1 shooters Eliana Kneen (GS) and Megan Hunter (GA) throughtout the match.
In the second quarter Ballasalla changed up their shooters, adding extra height with Annabel Kneale (GS) and Jema Richardson (GA). This allowed them to increase their score but Route 1 defenders, especially Rose Turner (GK) and Freya Skillicorn (GD) were watching for the big overheads to Annabel and were able to force errors.
In the second half, Ballasalla brought Lauren Raatgever back on, this time as WA and she was able to feed some lovely balls into the shooters over the top of the tall Route 1 defence.
In mid court Ballasalla’s Kitty Thomas (C) was creating some lovely quick plays from the centre pass, using Sasha Bailey and Lauren to great effect. Both teams mid court players were keeping the marking very tight so controlled passes and hard work to get free were the order of the day.
Route 1 continued to pull away with the mid court trio of MillieJo Purves, Sienna Dunn and Holly Burgess linking well to move the ball up court, though not as fast as they may normally like.
Ballasalla were pushing for the added point and had a good run of goals towards the end with Annabel Kneale picking off some great passes. Unfortunately the whistle denied them their last goal and with it the point. However, this was a lovely game of netball with some great play from both teams.

POTM : Annabel Kneale, Ballasalla; MillieJo Purves, Route 1 Chargers


This inter-club game began at a fast pace which suited the Balla 1 side as they are becoming more and more familiar with each other’s play. The Balla 2 side, who were without one of their regular shooters and one of their regular defenders, struggled to meet the demands of the game at first. The Balla 1 centre-court of Kitty Thomas (C) and Sophie Long (WA) were able to move the ball with ease to the shooting circle to capitalise on the regular interceptions from all of the Balla 1 defenders. The first half finished 22-4. Balla 2 became more settled as the game went on. Great forward drives from Eden McCubbin (WA) with support from Tia Wilson-Griffiths (WD) enabled Alicia Pickett (GS) more attempts on goal. The clinical feeds from Lauren Raatgever (GA/WA) to Annabel Kneale (GS) meant that Balla 1 were able to plough ahead, despite the fingers of Balla 2’s GK, Brintha Yasodaran, being just centimetres away from the touch. This game had a lovely atmosphere and finished 38-11.

POTM Annabel Kneale (GS) Balla 1 Sasha Bailey (GD) Balla 2


Ramsey came out strongly, quickly getting into their rhythm, with fast passes and ended the quarter 7-0 ahead. In the second quarter both teams came out fighting. SMP Ballasalla started to make smooth passes down to the circle. However, multiple interceptions and strong defence by Ramsey, resulting in a half time score of 16-0.
In the third quarter, SMP Ballasalla made some position changes and worked hard to regain some lost ground on Ramsey but Ramsey pushed back making some strong interceptions. Accurate passes and great shooting from Ramsey allowed them to keep control of the game finishing the quarter leading 19-2.
SMP Ballasalla made some more changes going into the last quarter resulting in them getting the ball into the D more smoothly but the Ramsey defenders held their ground and accurate shooting from their attackers resulted in a final score of 29 – 3.
Both teams played very well and with great spirit.

POTM - Katie Keenan (Ramsey) Kaylee Denton (SMP Ballasalla)