Simcocks Red Eagles 48-36 Thompson 1

Simcocks seemed to start the game well with determination, sinking the first 2 goals of the game due to great interceptions from Ellan Charmer who has had to go into defence for the time being as Simcocks were missing players and carrying injuries within the team, Thompson however were not going to make this an easy game with the Reds, the battled well throughout the court, picking up on loose balls and with some fine shooting from Alice Cross she kept the game very close, first quarter ended 11-8 to Simcocks.

Second quarter saw Simcocks step up the pace a little. Aalish Bridson having just played a game stepping into the WA position and slotting in well for the Reds, making vital interceptions and feeding her shooters the ball with ease. Charlotte Christian and Molly Christian however had other ideas and made things very difficult for the Simcocks Shooters, with tight marking and some get hustle put the pressure on but the hard work and great movement from Sarah Corkish sinking shots from everywhere the Simcocks girls pulled ahead with 9 goals going to the 3rd quarter.

Again Thompson came back hard and pushed the Simcocks girls at every moment. Fern Chrisian, Olivia Jacklin-Chata and Nan Williams linking well down the court and moving the ball quickly making the Simcocks girls work hard for the ball, Vivia Stawna and Ellan Charmer were a tight force and the tips and interceptions they made were vital to keep the game in the Simcocks hands. Simcocks Reds went into the 4th quarter with an 11 goal lead.

Thompson made some changes down the court and kept the score even, Alice Cross having a great game at Shooter, but equally at the other end Sarah Corkish and Kitty Cassidy were matching the shots. The game was a testing game for the Simcocks girls, but a very enjoyable game and very well played by all who took to the court.

POTM Claire Belcher-Smith, Simcocks Red Eagles

Long & Humphrey Toomraiders 19-45 Simcocks Gold Eagles

This was always going to be a tough encounter with both teams having strong seasons to date.

The match started at a fast pace and it wasn’t long before the young legs of Simcocks had turned over several of the centre passes to work a strong lead 13 goals to 5 in their favour. The two shooters for Simcocks, Angela Aumanier and Heather Parsons working extremely well in the circle together with some excellent shots.

The second quarter was more of the same from Simcocks with Long & Humphrey Tombraiders working hard to get the ball up the court but often losing out to the height and agility of the centre court players for Simcocks. Dani Kelly (GS) and Mandy Hunter (GA) had a tough time in the circle with the defence for Simcocks (Emily Munro and Maylin Campbell) working extremely hard and making some excellent interceptions.

Despite this, Long and Humphrey battled on and started to find some joy working the ball up the court with help from Emma Qualtrough, Katie Dyson and Codie McIntyre but it wasn’t enough to break the strong lead that Simcocks had built by this time leaving it 20-9 in Simcocks favour at half time.

The second half of the match saw Simcocks stretch the lead even further despite continued efforts by Long and Humphrey and some excellent defensive work by Helen Doolan and Victoria Prentice and the final score was 45-19. Long and Humphrey missing four of their usual first team line up and with an injured captain in Dani Kelly struggled to keep up with the fast pace from this young side but nothing should be taken away from the excellent game play that Simcocks showed on the court. Overall an excellent game played as always in great spirits.

POTM Emily Munro, Simcocks Gold Eagles

Thompson 4 28-17Manx Gem Emeralds

Play in the match was very close, with Thompson 4 leading by only two goals 7-5 at the end of the first quarter. As they were short of players, Thompson 4 team mates were playing out of their normal positions to cover, had no substitutes. Their centre Shelly Roberts was returning from injury and they were supported by a junior club member joining us to make their numbers but were able to keep their lead through the second quarter with the half time score 14-9.

As Thompson 4 were working well, no changed were made but they defended tightly, puttting pressure on the PWC Manx Gems Emeralds, and getting the ball into the D for their shooters. They managed to increase their lead with some great goals from Emily Gaylor GS and interceptions especially from player of the match Roisin Ashley GD, to win the game.

POYM Roisin Ashley Thompson