U17 League

Route 1 Chargers 19-22 Simcocks

An intense battle from the off, though Simcocks always looked the more composed team throughout the match.

The first quarter was quite even but Simcocks were able to capitalise on some silly early errors by Chargers. Simcocks defence duo of Greeba Taisia and Alex Johnston were proving tough for Chargers Amy Watterson (GS) and Megan Hunter (GA) to get free to shoot. Meanwhile Simcocks Poppy Bowman (GS) was proving her prowess with some excellent shots to help Simcocks lead 7-5 at the first break.

Changes all round in the second quarter with the versatile Jess Clucas moving from WA to GA; Cassidy Pizzey into GD and Emma Roberts in to shoot for Simcocks. The first part of this quarter was intense with lots of mid court play before a goal was scored. Roberts for Simcocks was particularly accurate, and with her defence team blocking out Chargers shooters very effectively, they extended their lead to 12-7 at half time.

Chargers continued to make changes with Amy Watterson (GS) now partnered with Eliana Kneen (GA) in the circle supported by Megan Hunter (WA) and Millie Jo Purves now at centre. Lots more goals in this quarter with both teams shooting well and lots of mid court play. Both teams giving 110% to chasing loose balls and going for interceptions. Despite Chargers winning the quarter, Simcocks still lead 18-14.

In the last quarter, the pace of the game was starting to take its toll but these young netballers did not stop working hard! Simcocks solid defence duo of Greeba and Cassy continued to make life difficult, forcing some ambitious passes from the Chargers attack into their shooters. After a stint at centre, Simcocks Jess Clucas was back at GA matching up nicely with Chargers Jemima Shepherd. Again despite Chargers slighly edging the quarter, Simcocks held their focus better in the latter stages and held onto their lead to win.

PotM : Greeba Taisia & Cassidy Pizzey, Simcocks; Millie Jo Purves, Chargers

Simcocks Blue 13 – Ramsey Blacks 1

Both teams took to the court with the fight and desire to win, and the first 3 minutes of the match saw the ball go end to end, with interceptions and turnovers preventing both the Simcocks and Ramsey shooters from converting to goal. Simcocks eventually worked the ball into their attacking circle and GA Lucie Sutterby comfortably put the first goal onto the scorecard. Ramsey worked tirelessly throughout the match to prevent Simcocks from breaking away and holding their lead, but with a strong defensive pairing from McKenzie Pizzey and Bella Kelsey, any loose balls from Ramsey were quickly turned over and worked into the Simcocks shooting circle.

Ramsey’s centre, Amber Pullen applied pressure onto every centre pass, causing plenty of errors from the Simcocks side, but with quick balls between Darcy Towler and Nikeisha Keig , the ball was into GS Holly Gelling to convert. Ramsey’s GS Isla Gale continued to hold her own in the circle, creating many opportunities for Ramsey to feed the ball into the circle, but McKenzie was ready to fight and prevent any more conversions, who turned the ball over tirelessly to allow Simcocks more opportunities to score. The final score was 13 - 1 in Simcocks favour

POTM - Simcocks Mackenzie Pizzey and Ramsey Amber Pullen

Simcocks Greens 23-9 Castletown

Both teams started the game with some nerves, some dropped balls and mistakes were made by both sides, but after a few minutes the girls found their form and started playing some nice netball.
Castletown hustled for every ball and made it very difficult for the Simcocks girls to get a clear pass, Castletown’s Centre was at the end of every loose ball and fed the ball well down the court to her attacking end where the shooter could get an early goal. Hannah Forster-Ashton worked hard in the mid court to keep the Simcocks girls in the game linking well with Eden Cannell both of which made great interceptions throughout the court. Both girls fed the ball well down to their shooters and Abbie Shaw could not miss sinking some great shots from round her circle.

The third quarter saw the Castletown girls come back and with clean passes and great shooting they scored more goals than the Simcocks girls and started to close the gap, but hard work from Caitlyn Clucas, Imogen Beach and Chloe Webster in the last quarter they were able to make some turnovers and the ball was fed down the court with Aalish Webster working tirelessly in mid court for the Simcocks girls the ball was never too far away and Aalish Webster was on it linking well with Neve Moyer and Abbie Shaw the Simcocks girls finished strong but not with some brilliant defending from the Castletown girls who marked well and at every opportunity had their hands up marking the ball making it very difficult for the Simcocks girls, Castletown had some lovely play down the court and linked well with each other finding some great space around the court.

POTM - Simcocks was Hannah Forser-Ashton and for Castletown was the Centre.