SMP Ballasalla C 30-18 Absolute Scaffolding Black

The game started off slowly with both sides making lots of unforced errors, the first quarter ended 7-5 to SMP Ballasalla. In the second quarter SMP Ballasalla really upped their game throughout the court, some great shooting from Rachel Jarvis (GA) and Amelia Quinn (GS) meant that SMP Ballasalla scored 9 goals compared to Absolute Scaffolding’s 2. Absolute Scaffolding came back strongly after half time, with Sian Hignett (GS) matching SMP Ballasalla goal for goal in the third quarter. Changes were made by both sides for the final quarter and the fresh legs really made a difference to the speed of the game. The final score was 30-18 SMP Ballasalla

POTM Rachel Quayle SMP Ballasalla C

Thompson Travel 6 16-38 Simcocks White Eagles

After a fast paced first quarter, and Simcocks shooters Sam Dunn and Olivia Marshall not missing a shot, the score for the quarter ended 5-12. However, this didn’t reflect how Thompson were playing, with Simran Jandu and Milly Killeen making numerous interceptions.

Going into the second quarter Simcocks continually brought the ball up the court quickly and used their height to an advantage with overhead balls being feed straight to their shooters, after picking up on this Julia Carrol, Thompson GK, made some great interceptions. The score at half time was 9-20.

Thompson shooters Sarah Kewley & Megan Wade had their work cut out being marked by a tall Victoria Waterhouse and Alice Leadbeater-Terris but they still managed to get some rebounds which were followed by some great goals from the edge of the circle. At the end of the third quarter the score was 13-30.

Going into the final quarter both teams came out fighting, Simcocks with the advantage of a fresh pair of legs and a change in defence. Thompson were aiming to get a point and Simcocks trying to extend their lead, meant that this quarter involved lots of interceptions and turnovers but in the end the match finished 16-38.

POTM Chloe Wood SImcocks White

Route 1 Volts 32-42 PWC Manx Gems Sapphires

With Sapphires firmly at the top of the league, Volts are one of the two teams who still have a mathematical chance of overtaking Sapphires, although it is very slim! So a crucial match for Volts and business as usual for Sapphires. Volts started strongly, with defenders Holly Williamson (GK) and Megan Watterson(GD) keeping the damage by Sapphires shooters Trudi Halsall (GS) and Amaline Batty(GA) to 8 goals. At the other end, Sarah Morgan(GS) and the athletic Bliss Murtagh(GA) were able to keep Volts in touch, Sapphires leading 8-5 at the end of the quarter.

Sapphires got back to what they do well in the second quarter - scoring goals! Injury in Volts brought Ella Page on at WA and despite the energy from her, Eliana Kneen (C) and Molly Spiers (WD), Volts were unable to stop the Sapphire scoring train and ended the quarter 21-12 down.

The third quarter saw Volts changing a number of positions in the hope of putting Sapphires off their stride. Adding height into defence, Erica Richards came on at GK against Halsall and Williamson moved to GD, with Watterson taking over at WD. This put Sapphires centre court of Holly Hennessey(WD), Emma Leith (C) and Becca Cooke (WA) under more pressure and resulted in Volts being only 1 goal down for the quarter, but still trailing at 31-21.

Volts still had a sniff of victory but all sapphires had to do was keep playing solid netball and stay ahead. After the intense play earlier, both teams slowed down but continued to produce quality netball. Kneen and Page made some superb feeds into Murtagh for Volts whilst at the other end, Sapphires Halsall and Batty were working hard and still scoring the goals. In a tightly fought quarter, the score was drawn at 10 all but Sapphires had done enough in the second quarter for the win. Volts took only the third point this season from Sapphires for more than half score.

POTM: Amaline Batty, PWC Manx Gems Sapphires