Simcocks Gold Eagles 48-28 Route 1 Turbos

With only 1 point separating Simcocks Gold and Turbos from 1st and 2nd place in the league standings, it was vital for both teams to take home the win this weekend. After their defeat just before Christmas Simcocks were determined to make this game theirs from the very beginning.

Golds started off the game with the first centre pass, and from there the game became fast paced very quickly. The quarter was very tight with the ball being turned over at both ends and going back and forth up the court. The shooting combinations of Heather Parsons (GS) & Angela Aumonier (GA) (Golds) and Elena Reid (GS) & Ella Webster (GA) (Turbos) proved to work well as all girls fought hard in the attacking circles to get around the defence and convert their shots. Ruby (GD) and Rose (GK) Turner made it very difficult for Golds attack to feed usual high balls into the shooters, making it very difficult for them to move around the circle. The quarter ended 10 - 9 to Golds.

In the second quarter, Golds brought on Dionne Wall at WD to put pressure on Turbos WA Alice Willoughby, and make it harder for Turbos to get balls into their Shooters, and it worked. Fiona Clark Wilson, Turbos C worked hard to quickly link passes from the attacking third into the circle, allowing Reid & Webster to score. Some fantastic interceptions from Wall and Jess Hatton (GD) in the mid court meant that Golds were able to re-set and get the ball into their shooters and extend their lead by 4 goals making the score 20 – 16.

In the third quarter, Golds defence Maylyn Campbell (GK) and Hatton (GD) stepped up their game massively, making it difficult for shooters, Reid & Webster to move around the circle. Campbell was very dominant in the circle and made some fantastic rebounds allowing Golds to take the ball down the court. Jo Steriopulos (WA) made some great feeds into Aumonier, which increased Golds lead. The quarter ended 32 – 22 in Golds favour, however, both teams knew that all was still to play for.

In the final quarter, Turbos changed their team and moved Clark-Wilson into GA and Jemima Sheppard into C. Golds brought Bayleigh Mitchell back on at C and moved Georgia Mitchell into WA. The whistle blew and Mitchell intercepted the first pass of the quarter from Sheppard to Willoughby, and Golds scored from the turnover, which gave the girls a great amount of confidence. Sheppard and Clark Wilson paired well together from mid court, and some strong feeds allowed Clark-Wilson to score. However, Golds were still applying pressure to Turbos and the strength and agility of attacking duo the Mitchell sisters, meant quick balls were made into Parsons and Aumonier and some amazing goals were scored. The final whistle went and the match ended 48 – 28 to Golds.

Overall, a brilliant game to watch, some fantastic efforts from all the girls on both teams, and a great game to be a part of.

POTM – Jess Hatton, Simcocks Gold Eagles

Thompson 3 43-36 PWC Manx Gem Rubies

Both teams started with great intensity and during the first half, the match swung from Thompson 3 to Manx Gems on several occasions with Manx Gems winning the first half. Both the two youngest players on the pitch contributed well to the game, with Becca Cooke’s movement causing real problems for the defence in the shooting circle. Although the circle was tough, Janet Sayle made some great interceptions throughout the game and deserved the player of the match.

During the second half Thompson 3 came back strongly and momentum swung to Thompson to gain a slight advantage into the last quarter. Thompson 3 did not lose the lead after this point, but Gems were still a definite threat and continued to drive the ball well through the court to goal. In conclusion, a very well contested match which was played in good spirit.

POTM : Janet Sayle, Thompson 3

Absolute Scaffolding Red 23-21 Thompson 6

With only goal difference separating them before play started, this was always going to be a close match and so it proved to be.

Ramsey Reds won the toss and were soon in the lead following pressure by Gabby Sullivan (C), Sian Faragher (WA) and Erin Kelly (WD) putting pressure on Thompson centres. Thompson 6 held on and after some great shooting by Sarah Kewley (GS) they pulled the score back to 7-7 at the end of the first quarter.

Ramsey Reds made changes bringing on Paige Kelly as WD, who settled in to link with Emma Vondy (GK) and Emily Craig (GD), working hard to create turnovers by forcing errors from the Thompson attack. Ramsey moved the ball well down court with Claire Fletcher (GS) and Bryony Callow Thomas (GA) scoring a good number of their attempts, resulting with Ramsey leading 14-10 at half time.

In the third quarter, excellent defensive work by Thompson 6 Julia Carroll (GK) and Samvir Jandu (GD) limited the opportunities for the Ramsey shooters. With their centre court players working hard to move the ball into their shooting circle, Thompson 6 pulled the score back to 14-14, before a shocked Ramsey refocussed to get the ball into their shooters. After some great rebounds by Katie Keenan (GS), Ramsey retook the lead and ending the quarter 18-16 ahead.

With everything to play for, both teams returned to the court with purpose. The refreshed legs of Gabby Sullivan (C) and Claire Fletcher (GS), and hard work from the rest of the Ramsey team, particularly Paige Kelly (WD) who made some fantastic interceptions, helped Ramsey to secure the win 23 – 21.

POTM Paige Kelly, Absolute Scaffolding Red