Spaniards 27-39 PWC Manx Gems Rubies

Rubies got off to a flying start putting 5 away before Spaniards got on the score sheet. Dawn Quinn and Lynette Corran were applying the pressure in the mid court and creating turnovers. Q1 6-9 Rubies.

The second quarter continued in the same vein with both circles being contested at a high intensity. Rubies Amaline Batty was finding herself space in the circle and shooting with accuracy. Q2 7-10.

Spaniards attack of Sara Collister GA and Sophie Betteridge GS found their rhythm in the third quarter but both teams were making lots of mistakes, with the game so open it was a high scoring quarter. Q3 9-14

The final quarter was closely fought with both defences getting the better of it. Q4 5-6.

PotM : Amaline Batty, PWC Manx Gems Rubies

Route 1 Volts 38-27 Absolute Scaffolding Red

Volts started this match down a few of their usual players due to Under 14s and 17s commitments and injury but in a positive mood as we still managed to field a strong team of 7.

The first quarter saw both circles working hard with Amy Watterson and Bliss Murtagh getting their eye in and scoring 5 goals against Absolute’s defenders Rachel Andrew and Emily Craig. The same story played out at the other end with Claire Fletcher and Katie Keenan scoring their own 5 goals against Sarah Morgan and Holly Williamson. Both teams centres, Millie-Jo Purves and Erin Kelly worked well feeding their centre passes to Megan Watterson and Katie Roberts (Volts) and Reese Dalugdugan and Sian Faragher (Absolute) leaving the first quarter on a level playing field.

The second quarter saw Volts begin to find a bit more space in their play with some good passing and interceptions in the centre third by Katie and Megan. Absolute did not give up though and kept pushing hard and keeping the goal difference as close as possible. Volts finished the quarter 15-11 but realising they needed to work that bit harder to keep on top of Absolute.

Volts began the third quarter with a renewed determination thanks to a half time team talk with captain Laurelle Kneen. Bryony Callow-Thomas came on as goal shooter for Absolute, working well and putting up some great shots. Volts were not put off by the new shooter though and continued to play well with Millie-Jo showing real determination running everywhere, as she does every match. This turned out to be our best quarter which saw us score 11 goals to Absolute’s 5 with an overall score of 26-16.

The final quarter saw Absolute play their best quarter. They put up a real fight and pushed Volts to up their game as well which we responded to well with players on both teams fighting hard at both ends of the court. Volts just came off better for the quarter with 12 goals to Absolutes 11 and an overall score of 38-27 to Volts. A well deserved 3 points for Volts and an equally well deserved point for Absolute.

PotM : Katie Keenan, Absolute Scaffolding Red