Absolute Scaffolding 22-27 Simcocks Eagles

Ramsey faced Simcocks Eagles in their debut Under 17’s match this season with a cracking display of netball. Both teams took to court with determination and their hard work was evident at either end of the court, taking over 5 minutes to convert the first goal. A fast paced, well contested event, this could have been anyone’s game.

Simcocks Centre Claire Mason made easy work of linking attacking players and delivering the ball to the circle but the Ramsey defensive duo Emily Craig & Sarah Vondy made it tough to find the net.
First quarter saw Simcocks lead by a single point but Ramsey were by no means resting on their laurels, keeping margins tight, and forcing Simcocks to fight for possession.

Ramsey maintained pressure with some great attacking play from Amber Pullen & Erin Kelly, who opened up space on court and some confident circle manoeuvers by shooters Katie Keenan & Bryony Callow-Thomas. Half time changes saw Simcocks pull away with a pivotal 5 point lead. Multiple interceptions by Goal Defence Mckenzie Pizzey made life hard for the Northerners as she denied Ramsey scoring opportunities. In the Simcocks circle, Goal Attack Hannah Skenan showed her shooting prowess which was fast and effective! Ramsey fought hard and pulled back the scoreline to within a point, matching their rivals goal for goal but Simcock’s tenacity sealed the deal, taking a well fought win.

POTM : Absolute Scaffolding, Gabby Sullivan; Simcocks Eagles, Hannah Skehan