SMP Ballasalla B 28-50 Simcocks Red Eagles

The first meeting of the two teams begun as anticipated with Simcocks Red taking a solid lead against SMP Ballasalla B. Claire Belcher-Smith of Simcocks Red making sharp feeds into the D, easily contributing to the 1st quarter score of 13 goals to 6, SMP Ballasalla B hanging on to half points!

The second quarter was much of the same with SMP Ballasalla B struggling to make space in the centre third, ending with a score of 23 goals to 12. Going into the third quarter, SMP Ballasalla B brought on Sarah Vorster as WA improving the mid-court flow. However, Simcocks Red’s continued attacking ability and versatility meant they maintained their strong lead with 37 goals to 19.

For the final quarter, Simcocks Red switched Natalie Swales back into defence from centre court, her interceptions and ability to apply pressure on her opponents felt for the duration of the game and therefore a well deserved POTM. SMP Ballasalla B finished the match with there best quarter meaning they were able to come away with a point, from a final score of 50 goals to 28.

Castletown Navy 30-29 PWC Manx Gems Sapphires

This match was always set to be a competitive and entertaining game and it did not disappoint. Gems were quick off the mark and scored the first goal by their unstoppable GS Diane Cregeen. Town were a little slow to start with but quickly got some momentum with some lovely interceptions from town’s GK Sarah Brooks-Lund. The ball went up and down the court with consistent interceptions being made by the defensive duo of both teams. Town’s GS Nicky Corrin found her form and resumed her usual display of long shots from the edge of the circle. The score at the end of quarter time was 8-5 to Gems.

The battle of the defenders continued at the start of quarter 2 with the first goal of the quarter only being scored by town after some patient play to get past Gems GK Jess Hawkins and GD Rachel Jones. Town found form with a succession of goals from Nicky Corrin and GA Sarah Cutts. Play was a little sloppy from both sides but the turning point was after a series of interceptions from town’s WD Holly Renshaw to gain possession and work the ball to goal to bring the score level at half time to 12 all.

The 3rd quarter started with more turnovers by town’s GD Michaela Robinson and WD Holly Renshaw and the ball was worked swiftly down the court to goal. Both teams fought hard for every ball with turnovers taking place by both teams throughout the quarter. The lead continually changed between the teams with nothing separating them. The score was 22 all at the end of the quarter.

Quarter 4 started with strong play from town who scored several goals in succession. Gems fought back with strong play from Gems WD Lynette Corran and C Dawn Quinn. Play was evenly matched on each side with the score even between the teams and in the final seconds of the game Town had a 1 goal lead. The whistle blew before Gems could even the score with Castletown taking the win 30-29. Player of the match was awarded to Castletown’s Holly Renshaw.

Thompson 4 18-19 Simcocks White Eagles

In the first quarter we saw a strong performance from both teams, but it was Thompson who were leading by the end of the quarter, 2 goals ahead of Simcocks. The shooting duo of Katie Leinwand and Sarah Kewley shone during the quarter with the two of them rarely missing a shot.

For the second quarter Helena Allen, for Simcocks, had come on as GS and really pulled up the Simcocks score. Thompson defence really worked hard, getting it from the backline all the way to the shooting third. Both centres, Emily Rawlings (Thompson) and Alice Leadbeater-Terris (Simcocks) battled hard throughout the whole match. By the end of the quarter Thompson were still in the lead with a goal difference of 3.

Simcocks started the third quarter strong, with Thompson struggling in the centre of court. Islay Shannon (Thompson) worked strongly defending Helena Allen, who never missed a shot. Simcocks defense duo Michelle Moore and Lisa Douglas made a real difference with Thompson’s attack struggling to get past them. Simcocks were catching Thompson, scoring more goals. However overall Thompson were still in the lead with a score of 14-12.

In the final quarter Rachel Craig, WD and Julia Carol, GK both returned on court for Thompson. Strong interceptions were being made from both Simcocks and Thompson making the score neck and neck. It was great to see both teams fighting hard for the ball. Both teams continued to play well right until the end, but it was Simcocks White who came out with a win, 18-19. Player of the match went to the deserving player Alice Leadbeater-Terris (Simcocks) who worked strong and kept fighting till the end.

Thank you to the Umpires and Scorers.
PoTM, Alice Leadbeater-Tetris, Simcocks