BC Toomraiders v Route 1 Connections

This game was the early morning clash at Castle Rushen High School. Unfortunately for Route 1, they played the game a player short so it was always going to be an uphill battle.
An in form Toomraiders were just too strong, with the shooting partnership of Ashleigh Shimmin and Alex McPherson ensuring that Toomraiders maintained a significant lead from start to finish
At half time the score was 33-14 to Toomraiders, with Route 1 chasing a point for obtaining 50% of the Toomraiders score.
The second half saw much of the same, with Toomraiders dominating much of the play.
Some great shooting from the Route One pairing of Claire Battye and Nicola Spencer was not enough to secure a point and the final score was 57-28.
Player of the match was Hazel Bailey.

YF A v Route 1 Turbos

The game was predicated a close one with the team at Manx Radio being split on who was going to come out on top.
The game did not disappoint with the first three quarters being goal for goal however farmers were slightly ahead going in to the final quarter with the score-line being 23-21.
The game was a good, fair battle throughout with farmers keeping up with the fast pace of the younger team.
The defence duo from route one did not relax throughout the 60 minutes forcing the young farmer shooters to take shots from the edge of the circle, however young farmers stepped up to the challenge with accurate shooting throughout.
Young famers defended all the way up the court putting pressure on each pass, however route one made few mistakes and brought the ball up the court effortlessly. Young famers' defence worked hard in the circle to keep the route one shots at bay.
In the final quarter young farmers kept the game steady and controlled and were able to pull away with the final score ending 37-26.
Deserving player of the match was the very consistent Cassidy Pizzey.

Route 1 Volts v Simcocks Silver Eagles

Table-topping Simcocks edged the previous encounter by just two goals, so Route 1 were confident of pushing them all the way.
The first quarter was a bit of a slow start for the Volts’ whilst the Simcocks shooting team of Poppy Bowman (GS) and Helena Allen (GA) put up 12 goals ending the first quarter 12-2 ahead.
The second quarter saw a Simcocks change with Niamh Coole (GS) coming in to shoot supported by a mid-court team of Lucy Faragher (C), Hannah Skeenan (WA) and Breesha Gooberman (WD). The Volts defence of Lisa McMullin (GK) and Ruby Thompson (GD) were playing well and making timely interceptions, with Katie Wilson (C), Flo Barber (WD) and Donna Jamieson (WA) helping move the ball up the court to the Volts’ circle. The second quarter ended with Simcocks still holding a strong lead of 24-9.
Tactical changes for Volt’s saw Wilson and Barber swapping places with Thompson and McMullin also rotating positions. This renewed energy helped Volts gain more possession, converting into some great shots by Ella Page (GA) and Holly Williamson (GS).
Simcocks bought back Millie Kinvig into the Centre position and Skeenan slotted into shooting which moved Coole to mid-court. Both teams played a fast game and whilst the Simcocks defence of Roviana Szetu (GK) and Alice Hodgeson-Cummins (GD) made it difficult for Volts they managed to close the gap a little, finishing the third quarter 32-18 behind.
The fourth quarter saw the Volts’ side trying to maintain a goal difference less than half of the Simcocks side in order to gain one match point. Both teams were tiring by this stage, however with Simcocks able to bring in substitutions from the bench they maintained their edge over Volts.
As time ran down, the Volts defence continued making good interceptions but a strong Simcocks defensive position made moving the ball away difficult. Simcocks utilised multiple working combinations down the court to transition the ball well. This excellent play, in conjunction with the superb shooting of Allen and Bowman saw Simcocks take the win 45-24.
PotM to Alice Hodgeson-Cummins, Simcocks