Thompson Travel v Castletown Stars

Castletown Stars showed their determination to be ready and give their all from their warm up display onwards.
The first half caught a relatively inexperienced Thompson Cats out and they were outplayed by the opposition which demonstrated strong movement on and off the ball, strategic passing and some exceptional timing to gain the interception.

A half time talk from their coach coupled with the fact the Thompson girls began to switch on and apply the skills practiced at training ie getting in front of their opposing player, resulted in a much better quarter for them with 8 goals a piece.

Both sides showed signs of tiredness in the last quarter as the ball was moved swiftly from one end to another, however, all the girls still had real commitment to the game but Stars again looked the stronger team and one that was used to playing together.

Castletown Jets took the win 30 v 15 giving them a well deserved 3 points and Thompson attaining 1 point for getting half the number of goals.

POTM both shooters were Thompson, Amelie Harding and for Castletown, Bree Collister