Last weekend saw the start of the Newfield Cup, Vase, Plate and Medal matches being played at the NSC.
The postponed first round matches will be played 26 January

Marbree Missfits A 50-36 Browne Craine Toomraiders
This week saw Marbree Missfits A play Browne Craine Toomraiders in the first round of the Newfield Cup. Marbree Missfits A came strong out of the starting block, taking every opportunity to turn the ball over. The first quarter ended with Marbree Missfits A scoring 16 goals to Browne Craine Toomraiders 5.
Browne Craine Toomraiders responded in the second half with some tenacious defence, turning the ball over mid-court a couple of times. However this proved to be no match for Marbree Missfits shooting duo who continued to convert points at every opportunity, ending the second quarter 24 - 12 to Marbree Missfits.
Coming into the second half, Browne Craine Toomraiders put up a good fight to try and claw back the points that were dropped in the first and second quarters. They really settled into their game, matching Missfits goal for goal in the third quarter.
Overall a well contested match for both sides, who will face each other again next week in the Newfield Senior League Premier Division. The end result was Marbree Missfits A 50 against Browne Craine Toomraiders 36.
PotM: Emma Riley (Marbree Missfits A)

Route 1 Connections 43-39 Long and Humphrey Toomraiders
Connections were feeling upbeat with the return of Erin Keggen and Kat Keeling, both of who have been sidelined with injury for the last 3 months.
L&H kept Connections on their toes and took the early lead, defenders Vicky Prentice and Helen Watney keeping the Connections shooters at bay. Once both teams settled in, there was much more even play and the pressure from Connections defence of Jemima Shepherd and Kat Keeling allowed the girls in green to pull out a slight lead.
The second quarter started similarly as L&H shooters Kym Hicklin and Dani Kelly immediately pulled back 3 of the 4 goal deficit. Connections centre Nic Spencer was key in turning fortunes around with some strong feeds to shooters Erin Keggen and Sue Webster. Despite L&H’s mid court of Helen Gibson at centre and Emma Qualtrough at WA moving the ball up nicely, they were unable to capitalise on all their opportunities. Connections lead at half time by 4 goals again, 19-15.
Whilst L&H kept their line up, Connections were able to make changes and brought Claire Battye on at centre, with Nic Spencer moving to WA. The result was strong fast feeds into the shooters and momentum seemed to swing green. L&H dug deep and kept pace, with keeper Vicky Prentice taking a number of key interceptions.
Going into the final quarter, Connections had a 5 goal lead and made a number of changes, with Kat Keeling now at shooter, Claire Battye at WA and Nic Spencer back at centre for a really strong attack. L&H’s GA Kym Hicklin had a really strong quarter, driving strongly to goal and pulling both defenders onto her. Connections held on and took the win 43:39 to progress to the second round.
PotM Nicola Spencer, Route 1 Connections.

SMP Ballasalla C 28-13 Simcocks White Eagles
An early start at the NSC saw SMP Ballasalla D and Simcocks White go head-to-head after the Christmas break. With a win each in the two league matches earlier in the season, both teams were keen to clinch the top spot and proceed to the second round of the Cup.
SMP Balla D got off to a strong start, taking the lead early on and ending the first quarter with a 5 goal advantage. Defenders Clare Crowe (GK) and Stephanie Haslett (GD) made it difficult for Simcocks shooters with some great interceptions, allowing only two goals into the net. (Quarter 1: 7-2)
In the second quarter SMP Balla D continued to dominate, with Hollie McGowan (WA) and Gem Collister (C) working seamlessly together to feed the ball into the circle and into the shooters hands. Jo Hicks (GS) and Rebecca Hands (GA) didn’t bow to the persistent pressure of Simcocks defenders Lisa Douglas (GD) and Michelle Moore (GK) and barely missed a shot, ending the quarter with a 15 goal difference. (Quarter 2: 20-5)
Simcocks didn’t let this knock their confidence and came out fighting in the third quarter. Simcocks Centre Alice Leadbeater-Terris did a great job of helping the ball up the court with the help of WA and GA, despite SMP Balla D’s Steph Ward showcasing some great defensive work with some impressive interceptions. (Quarter 3: 25-8)
In the final quarter, Simcocks continued to fight and Ellie Barker (GA) and Alex Smith’s (GS) on-point shooting helped them to win the quarter. Despite this, it wasn’t enough and SMP Balla D took the win with a final score of 28-13.
POTM: Clare Crowe, SMP Ballasalla D.