Thompson 1 22-54 SMP Ballasalla A
The first game of the day on Sunday saw SMP Ballasalla A v Thompson Travel 1. With both teams missing players due to the U21 championships thy both had slight changes on court which left a very interesting hour ahead. Owing to this, the game started slowly with both teams moving the ball around the court well and converting successfully leaving a four goals gap between them both at quarter time. The second quarter saw the game pick up pace with the mid court of Ballasalla link well to feed their shooter, Gemma Kirkham, in the circle to convert successfully. A half time break and a chance to regroup saw Thompson change the defensive positions of Molly and Charlotte Christian which instantly had an impact allowing them to convert some possession and move the ball into their attacking third. Thompson welcomed Gabby Divall and Emily Rawlings into attack for this game who linked well with the rest of the team to give them some well deserved points on the board.
PotM : Rhian Evans, SMP Ballasalla A

Castletown Pink 37-17 Marbree Misfits B
This is historically a closely contested match and Town only took the win by 4 goals when they last met.
This was Towns first match back following the festive period and the team were hoping that the high consumption of food and drink would not hamper their performance.
On the contrary, they settled into the match very quickly and dominated the first quarter with all areas of the court looking slick. First quarter ended 11-4.
The second quarter was a little scrappy from both teams and 6 minutes passed before Christie Morgan for Marbree scored the first goal of the quarter. Marbree stepped up and scored 6 goals on a bounce and looked to be making a comeback leaving Towns attack being pulled too far into defense making it hard to capitalise on any turnovers.
However Marbree were unable to capitalise on their strong second quarter and Town once again found their form with their height and speed in defence making life difficult for the Marbree shooters who continued to battle hard.
The final quarter continued with Towns dominance at both ends of the court with Sarah Curphey and Rebecca O’Neill working hard in mid court and patiently feeding the circle.
The match ended 37-17 in Towns favour denying Marbree half points.
POTM went deservedly to Towns defence player Eloisha Dunne.

PWC Manx Gems Tanzanites 18-26 Thompson 4
Both teams came out strong from the start with great mid-court movement from Thompson's WA Katie Leinwand and Tanzanite's WA Tracey Gelling, but Thompson just took the edge and ended the first quarter with a 2 goal lead (8-6). Quarter 2 saw some great shooting from both teams with Thompson's GS Sarah Kewley/GA Charlie Callow-Moore and Tanzanite's GA Alisha Fitzgerald/GS Rebecca Kaye scoring 8 goals apiece, ending the first half 16-14. The second half saw a few more changes for both teams and goals were kept to a minimum in the third quarter by Thompson's GK Julia Carol and Tanzanite's GK Evie Perry, ending 20-15. With Tanzanites trailing by 5 goals going into the last quarter, they came out fighting, but Thompson seemed to have a little more fuel in their tanks and won the last quarter 6-3.
Whilst a bit scrappy at times, it was a great game overall with the end result Thompson 26 - Tanzanites 18.
POTM: Emily Rawlins, Thompson 4