Simcocks Red Eagles 37-24 Thompson 1
With the loss of one of their key players it was going to be interesting to see what format Simcocks were going to put out on court. They brought Ellan Charmer into the GA position from defence, this was a brave move but one that seems to pay off, Ellan played really well linking well with her mid court players and providing vital feeds into Sarah Corkish who didn’t seem to miss a shot on goal today. Charlotte Christian and Molly Christian worked really hard and well together through out the game getting vital tips and interceptions when needed feeding the ball up the court to their attacking team. Anna-Marie Compton was tested at her end of the court with Becky Hempsall back from Injury she made passing into the circle very difficult but when the ball got through Anne-Marie Crompton sank the vital goals keeping her girls within reaching distance throughout the game. Fern Christian also on shooting form when she was in control of the ball, she put them up and they were not stopping. Vivia Stawna made it difficult for Fern but Fern played well, read the game and was always available for the Thompson girls if it was for a shot at goal or an extra pass in the attacking third, she was a key link for the Thompson girls. Simcocks seemed to have the edge though and the passing down the court between Hannah Leecee, Vivia Stawna, Helen Mason and Claire Belcher-Smith was pretty slick, they seemed to know when they needed to reset the game and try again with plenty of patience from the girls the passes were made with ease. Thompson did make this difficult and tried to shut the attack down but Claire Belcher-Smith was able to feed any ball into the shooting circle to Sarah Corkish and Ellan Charmer who did not disappoint and scored the goals, this is what made the game for the girls.
Ellan Charmer should be very pleased with her performance with the transition from defence to shooting this is very difficult and she slotted in very well within the team.
PotM Claire Belcher-Smith, Simcocks Red Eagles

PWC Manx Gems Rubies 58-32 Marbree Missfits B
After being beaten in the pre Christmas game by Marbree, Rubies were hungry for a win this time round. The first centre went to Marbree with a goal scored shortly after. The first quarter continued with goals being shot at each end by the duo of Amaline Batty (GS), Becca Cooke (GA) from Gems and Anna Mcchesney (GS) & Christie Morgan (GA) for Marbree. Gems eventually pulled away in the first quarter winning 12-7.
They kept the pressure on in the second quarter with some great defending by Daisy Downs (GK) and Kate Cashin (GD) and Jodie Vaughan (WD). Marbree shooters continued to shoot on target, hardly missing and with their mid court partnership of Sammy Bowden (C) and Michelle Cannell (WA) linking well with the support of Sophie Reynolds (WD) to create lots of shooting opportunities.
In the third quarter, Rubies centre court Emma Leith (C) and Holly Hennessy (WA) worked really hard with some great interceptions and with the help of Jessica Halsall (GD) in the circle, managed to bring the ball down to Batty and Cooke. Although the defence of Marbrees Amy Kneale (GK) and Stacey Morgan (GD) managed to gain some rebounds to bring the ball back up to the other end and onto Mcchesney & Morgan. The score now being 39-24, with Rubies continuing their lead.
In the final quarter Rubies came together and connected well to gain as many goals as they could. The defence made up of Cashin twins Kate (GD) and Alice (GK) formed a great collaboration to move the ball swiftly from the defence through to attack down the court. With Gems securing the win, final score 58-32.
PotM Becca Cooke, PWC Manx Gems Rubies

Absolute Scaffolding Red 19-20 Simcocks White Eagles
This was always going to be a close match as there was only one goal separating the two teams when they played earlier in the season. Absolute Scaffolding had a strong start with their quick thinking midcourt attackers, Amber Pullen (C) and Ariana Kerruish (WA) managing to find spaces in the tight Simcocks defence. Isla Gale (GS) and Bryony Thomas (GA) for Absolute were moving around well in their attacking circle, getting into spaces and making some nice shots, which was a good match for the strong circle defence of Simcocks’ Jen Kennaugh (GD) and Vicky Waterhouse (GK). Both teams showed some great movement around the court and a strong defence from both teams meant it was a very close quarter, leaving the score equal at the end of Q1 with 4 goals each.

During the second quarter Simcocks certainly found their stride and with the strong attack of Alice Leadbeater-Terris (C) and Sarah Cain (WA). They were sending plenty of fast balls down to their confident shooters, Ellie Barker (GA) and Gemma Williams (GS), who rarely missed a shot despite the best efforts of Absolute’s defenders Kitty Treanor (WD), Ava Brown (GD) and Rachel Andrew (GK). Unfortunately after a change of players in the circle Absolute struggled to convert all their centre passes into goals in Q2 and Simcocks were quick to capitalise on this with some excellent play back down the court by their midcourt players Chloe Wood (WD), Leadbeater-Terris (C), Cain (WA) leaving Simcocks with a 12-8 lead over Absolute at half time.

After Simcocks’ domination in the second quarter, Absolute came out fighting after half time with a fair few changes to their team, which made an immediate impact. Olivia Cowley came on at WD and despite it only being her second appearance for the Absolute Reds, she showed great maturity and helped to open up the court with some great interceptions and finding spaces in the tight attack of Simcocks’ Cain (WA), to get the ball back to the Absolute attackers Pullen (C) and Louise Tebay (WA). Kitty Treanor moved into the circle as GK for Absolute, with Brown remaining at GD. The change of defense styles put pressure on the Simcocks shooters, Ellie Barker (GA) and Alex Smith (GS), and Absolute were able to return the ball back down the court, preventing Simcocks from converting all their shots. At the other end of the court, Isla Gale resumed her position at GS for Absolute and with some great circle movement both shooters, Gale (GS) and Thomas (GA), were able to get past Simcocks’ Michelle Moore (WD), Lisa Douglas (GD) and Vicky Waterhouse (GK) to score the 9 much-desired goals for the Ramsey side, giving the northerners their highest scoring quarter and taking a one goal lead over Simcocks going into the final quarter, with the score at 17-16.

For the final quarter Absolute reverted to their original GK. Andrew (GK) and Brown (GD) both had some excellent stretches and worked well together to keep the pressure on Simcocks' Barker (GA) and Williams (GS). Meanwhile at the opposite end of the court Simcocks also returned to their starting defence of Kennaugh (GD) and Waterhouse (GK) to keep the pressure on against the Ramsey side. Both teams were well matched for the final quarter with consistent play and excellent movement from all players, which meant it was very close and it was goal for goal. It was clear it would come down to the final whistle before either team could be sure of the win.

The Simcocks side carried on pushing and managed to score a goal in the final minute, leaving the end score at 20-19 to the Simcocks White’s, with Absolute Scaffolding narrowly missing out on a draw by one goal. It was a fantastic match to watch, with both teams being very evenly matched, with one player overheard saying “it was their favourite match of the season!”
POTM: Sarah Cain (Simcocks White)