Vase match : Marbree Missfits B 33-29 Castletown Pink
After a tough loss in the Division 1 League recently against Castletown Pink, Marbree Missfits B were keen to put on a solid performance in the Vase competition. A strong and confident start by Marbree saw them take the lead by 10 goals, commanding the court coupled with accurate shooting from both Christie Morgan (GA) and Anna McChesney (GS) – ending the quarter 14-4.
Slow-starting Castletown made necessary changes in their attacking line which saw Rebecca O’Neil take the GS bib in the second quarter, which boosted Castletown’s score, but Marbree’s defence of Amy Kneale (GK) and Sophie Reynolds (GD) worked hard to get turnover ball where possible. A few unforced errors and shots missed from Marbree allowed Castletown back into the game, with the second quarter ending 19-12, now a 7 goal difference.
Marbree brought on fresh legs in the second half with Stacey Morgan taking to the court as GD. Castletown also made further changes in their defence, notably Zoe Ludford-Brooks (GK), making it harder for Marbree’s attacking line to get to goal. But some crucial interceptions and defence work from the midcourt of Sammy Bowden (C), Michelle Cannell (WA) and Hannah Quinn (WD) meant Marbree could see the game out, winning 33-29. It was strong and commanding start for Marbree in the first quarter, but it was the determination from the squad which led to the win and them moving through to the next round.
PotM Rebecca O’Neil, Castletown Pink

Vase match : Route 1 Turbos 32-46 PWC Manx Gems Rubies
Although competing in the Vase Competition this week, this was a highly anticipated match against two of Division 1’s top teams. Route 1 Turbos won the first centre pass and took an early lead when they turned over and capitalised on errors made by PWC Manx Gems Rubies. It was a strong start from both teams with goals were being scored at each end. Jodie Vaughan (WD) did not make it easy for Turbos WA Holly Burgess. However, Burgess didn’t let this deter her and worked hard to get consistently get free at centre pass and deliver the ball into the capable hands of shooting duo Elena Reid (GS) and Eliana Kneen (GA). Kneen demanded the circle and worked hard against a solid defence. She worked in harmony with Reid who, once again, displayed brilliant movement and decision making under great pressure from defenders Daisy Downs (GK) and Jessica Halsall (GD). At the other end, defensive duo Hannah Snidal (GD) and Freya Skillicorn (GK) worked hard to track the Rubies attackers and pick off any loose balls. The first quarter ended 12-12 and all was still to play for.
Due to injury, Turbos were forced to make some early changes to their team bringing on the experience of Ali Haddow at WA and moving Burgess to C. Here, Burgess continued to dominate play and linked well with Haddow to feed the circle. Much of the same great play was seen from both sides throughout this quarter. However, Rubies defensive line up in Alice Cashin (WD), Kate Cashin (GK) and Halsall (GD) were able to capitalise on a few of Turbos errors and this, coupled with excellent, accurate shooting from Becca Cooke and Amaline Batty, meant that Rubies began to pull away with a lead of 6 goals.
Quarter 3 saw Turbos switching up their defence and moving Snidal into GK, Cassidy Pizzey into GD and Ali Haddow to WD. Alice Willoughby returned to the court at Centre and Holly Burgess returned to the WA position where their strong attacking partnership thrived as they supported each other to feed the shooting circle. Snidal (GK) and Pizzey (GD) worked really well together and were successful in getting vital tips and interceptions against the strong shooting duo of Cooke and Batty. Rubies mid-court partnership of Emma Leith (C) and Holly Hennessy (WA) linked well to create lots of shooting opportunities for Cooke and Batty who continued to shoot accurately and extended their lead to 11 overall.
In the final quarter Turbos continued to chase their opposition’s lead and fought hard, putting pressure on a conditioned Rubies team. In this quarter they managed to limit the Rubies to only 10 goals versus Turbos own 7 - a goal difference of only 3. However, this game was won for Rubies as a result of the accuracy of their shooters who continued to find the goal and this is also what earned Becca Cooke a well-deserved Player of the Match.
PotM Becca Cooke, PWC Manx Gems Rubies

Medal Match : Thompson 4 8-28 PWC Manx Gems Tanzanites
Gems made a very strong start in the first half of the game, with a score of 12-4 at half time. Evie Perry and Katie-Lee Kelly from Manx Gems played amazingly, stopping Thompson from getting the ball through to the circle.
In the second half Manx Gems continued their strong lead extending it by 15 goals by the end of the third quarter. Thompson mid court Rachel Craig,WA, and Jess Stanley, Centre, worked hard to bring it up and down the court. However,Gems’ C, Tracy Gelling, and WA Charlotte Kenyon were just too strong to compete with. The score at the end of the third quarter was 21-6.
Thompson travel showed great team spirit and put in the effort all the way to the final whistle. The match was played with fantastic sportsmanship by both teams. The final score was 28-8 to Manx Gems with Player of the Match being awarded to Rebecca Kaye of Manx Gems after her impressive shooting throughout the whole game.
Potm Rebecca Kaye, PWC Manx Gems Tanzanites