Ramsey Crimsons 8-32 Simcocks Blue

The first quarter of the match was noticeably dominated by Simcocks Blue with some excellent drives, passing and tips from Eden Cannell (WD), Nikisha Keig (WA), Kenzie Pizzey (C) and Lucie Sutterby (GA) resulting in some great goals and shots for their team. However, whilst the Ramsey Crimsons didn’t score any goals in this quarter, Abigail Harvey (GD) kept a strong defence with Elly-Jane Crellin (GK) lunging for rebounds and taking powerful backline and penalty passes.
Luckily, Crimsons were able to recover from the slow start and some incredible goals came from Lily Gell (GS) and Erin Corkill (GA) in the second and third quarters. They only just got past the slick Simcocks defence of Immy Beech (GK) Abbie Shaw (GD). Despite the effort of the Crimsons, the quarters weren’t won by Ramsey, as the Simcocks’ goal shooter, Chloe Webster was on great form and scored some remarkable goals.
Although the score of 32 - 8 didn’t reflect it, Winnie Davies (WA) Lottie Stennett (WD) and Jasmine Pullen (C) displayed amazing drives for the ball, incredible jumps and solid teamwork. However, it was equalled by the Simcocks Blue’s impenetrable defence, lightning drives and clear communication when they had possession that ensured the win.
The players of this intense match were chosen by the opposition. The Ramsey Crimsons choose Kenzie Pizzey and the Simcocks Blues chose Winnie Davies. Special mention to Olivia Cowley and Claire Belcher-Smith for Umpiring the match, Alice Crellin, Ramsey’s “Super-Sub” and Lucy Harvey, for time-keeping and counting us down to the final second!