Route 1 Connections 39-45 Simcocks Gold Eagles
There was nothing between these two teams after the first quarter with it standing at 7 goals a piece. Simcocks stepped it up in the second quarter using their extra player well through the mid court and on the circle edge taking a 4 goal lead. The play through the court from both teams was quick and Simcocks Gold played with great patience going into the circle making sure that their shooters were getting the ball within a comfortable shooting range. Heather Parsons was following up shots and rebounding well making sure Simcocks increased their 4 goal lead to 5 going into the final quarter. Route 1 defence Sienna Dunne and Katrina Keeling worked tirelessly to keep the goal margin within reach for Route 1 but they were unable to make a dent in the gap and the final whistle blew with Simcocks 6 goals ahead.