SMP Ballasalla A 52-14 Thompson 1
This game was fast paced from the start and early on it was going goal for goal. Great rebounding at both defensive ends from Ashleigh Cowin (Ballasalla) and Molly Christian (Thompson), meant the ball kept moving from end to end, but once the Ballasalla shooting duo of Kate Tebay and Ashley Hall found their rhythm, they were able to take a comfortable lead by quarter time. In the second quarter, Ballasalla’s through court pressure meant that they were able to extend their lead at half time to 25-8. Both teams made changes going into the second half. Zoe Kirkham made her debut for Ballasalla A this season at Goal Defence. Thompson moved their very versatile Goal Shooter, Annemarie Crompton, to Goal Keeper but this did not pay off. Ballasalla Goal Keeper, Ciara Jacobs, was able to maintain control of the Thompson Circle, limiting them to one goal in this quarter. In the final quarter, Crompton was moved back in to shoot for Thompson and Fern Christian was moved into defence but Ballasalla were relentless. Defence remained tight and Ella Carridge was able to intercept numerous centre passes.
PotM Ashley Hall, SMP Ballasalla A

Route 1 Turbos 45-28 Castletown Pink
This game started closely contested with both teams coming out hard for the ball. Castletown defenders Kirsty Arnold (GD) and Jordan Moore (GK) worked successfully in the first quarter to keep the score line close and put pressure on Route 1’s shooters Elena Reid (GS) and Ealish Baxter (GA). At the other end, Castletown’s shooters Jane Oates (GS) and Sarah Cutts (GA) kept their cool and Oates in particular shot with great accuracy. The score at the end of this quarter was 10-8 to Route 1.

Moving into the second quarter, Turbos began to build momentum. Eliana Kneen (GK) and Cassidy Pizzey (GD) used the experience they have gained from playing together both at a club and national level to their advantage and held off a determined Castletown attack. Route 1’s WD Megan Hunter, worked well with Holly Burgess ( C) to apply pressure throughout the court and to bring the ball into their attack. In this quarter, Turbos limited Castletown to only score 4 goals.

In Quarter 3, Turbos maintained the same intensity. Pizzey (GD) and Kneen (GK) continued to read the game well and limited the opportunities for the Castletown shooters, securing themselves vital tips and interceptions that that enabled Turbos to turn over the ball. Ella Webster, who had come on at GS at the start of this quarter, worked well with Reid (GA) to capitalise on the hard-work of Turbos defenders. An experienced and well-drilled Burgess (C ), Alice Willoughby (WA) and Reid (GA) ensured that Turbos maximised the opportunities for goals at almost every Centre pass under pressure from Castletown’s Holly Renshaw (WD), Arnold (GD) and Vicki Corrin (C ), and supported each other well delivering the ball to the circle well where Reid (GA) and Webster (GS) secured their team a 15 goal lead by the end of the quarter.

In the final quarter, Turbos’ Baxter returned to the court and showed her versatility as a player, donning the WD bib. Paired with Pizzey at GD, the duo fought for every ball and were successful in achieving many turnovers. Holly Burgess, now at WA, brought the same work-ethic to the game that she had in the previous quarters in the centre position. She chased down every ball and her contribution to the game was invaluable as she ensured that she was a reliable option and always available to her teammates. The easy option is to give up when a scoreline runs away from you, but this did not happen to Castletown Pink. They kept their heads and played their best game during all four quarters despite great pressure from a strong Route 1 Turbos.
POTM: Elena Reid (Route 1 Turbos)

Absolute Scaffolding Reds 50-9 PWC Manx Gems Tanzanites
After a few weeks break, Reds met Tanzanites in the semi finals of the Medal competition - a first for both young teams who are relatively new to the league.
Both teams were eager to get the prize - a place in the final was up for grabs!, After winning the coin toss, Tanzanites centre Tracey Gelling, stepped into the circle and the match was off. The Ramsey team strated strongly and by the end of the first quarter, Reds were leading 13 - 2.
As the match continued, the well drilled teamwork from Reds in all areas of the court proved too much for the less experienced Tanzanites. Their centre court players, Amber Pullen ( C ), Gabby Sullivan (WA) and Kitty Treanor (WD) took control and were too strong for Tanzanites Charlotte Kenyon (WD) and Ruby Lovett (WA). At half time, Reds led 24 - 5.
The match continued in this fashion in third quarter, ending 37 - 5 as Reds defensive duo of Ava Brown (GD) and Rachel Andrew (GK) dominated play in Gems shooting D, turning over every pass into the Tanzanites shooters.
In the final quarter, Reds brought the younger legs of Reese Dalugdugan as GK. Tanzanites defenders, Evie Perry (GK) and Katielee Kelly (GD), continued to make some great tips and interceptions and there were increasing number of successful balls into their shooters, Becca Kaye (GA) and Ruby Lovett (GS), from their WA Misha-Leigh Cooke However, Reds shooters Bryony Callow - Thomas (GA) and Isla Gale (GS) continued to rack up the goals.
PotM Bryony Callow-Thomas, Absolute Scaffolding Red