Brown Craine Toomraiders 19 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Alpha 32
POTM Ella Carridge for Suntera Global Ballasalla Alpha

Ballasalla Alpha were firm favourites going i to this contest, however, the game started unexpectedly with Toomraiders as the dominant team throughout the first half. The sharp passing of the Toomraiders mid court players Ellie Looney, Sienna Dunn and Breeshey Harkin together with the shooting skills of Alex Cashin and Danielle Kelly helped Toomraiders take an early lead. In addition, the Toomraiders defensive team of Caroline Maddrell and Stacey Meakin managed to get some crucial interceptions meaning that Toomraiders were leading 8-4 at quarter time and 13-10 at half time.

Ballasalla came back strong in the third quarter. Jane Ryder-Clague was a commanding force whose pinpoint passes into the circle enabled the shooting team of Annabel Kneale and Rachel Hopkinson to get the upper hand. The Toomraiders shooters struggled against Alphas GK Ciara Jacobs and GD Ella Carridge and Balla finished the third quarter leading 22-18. The fourth quarter was much more of the same with Ballasalla the controlling team. Despite the best efforts of Toomraiders, Balla A significantly increased their lead to win the game 32-19. Player of the match was awarded to Ella Carridge (GD).

Division 1
Castletown Spaniards 29 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Charlie 24
POTM Sarah Lister for Suntera Global Ballasalla Charlie

This was a great match from the current top two teams and what a fight they both put in. A goal for goal first half of the game which then saw Castletown Spaniards (CS) steal the lead in the last quarter. The first quarter started off very even with a goal from Ballasalla Charlies (BC) and straight away a goal from CS. Both teams defence were not making it easy for the other keeping the scores down low. BC’s Sarah Lister (GK) got a conversion taking BC into the lead, however this was quickly turned around by CS and the scores were straight back to even. The first quarter ended a draw 7-7.

Ballasalla Charlie were the first team to start the fight after some incredible work from Kath Kermode (GS) and Sophie Long (GA) in the circle making it extremely hard work for the CS defence. Castletown did not let them take the lead easily, thanks to their GS Zoe Ludford-Brooks holding her spot under the post and their GA Rebecca O’Neill not once missing a goal. Balla came off on top of this quarter with a 3-point lead 16-13 to BC.

The third quarter was a rocky start for both teams with a few silly passes and mistakes. Castletown Spaniard’s were the first to kick back into gear with some great interceptions in the circle from both their Captain, Breesha McLaughlin and Ruth Kinnish. This defence duo tied with some very tight pressure from their WD Rachael Cubbon, proved too much for BC and CS started to close the gap. Leaving the third quarter 20-18 to BC.

The final quarter was hard to watch if you are a Ballasalla supporter as BC let the nerves get the better of them. As a collective they were throwing away almost every ball with a panic throw leaving it easy work for the CS. Spaniards kept their cool throughout and very quickly took the lead. It was a few minutes into the last quarter before BC scored their first goal and BC finally kicked into gear. Sarah Lister (GK) and Steph Haslett (GD) played their best quarter with some incredible interceptions closing the gap. It wasn’t enough for BC and they were unable to pull it back. CS took a very clear lead of 29-24.

A well-earned win for Castletown Spaniards who have every right to be at the top of Division 1. Despite the loss it was a Ballasalla player that claimed player of the match as it went to Sarah Lister for some incredible interceptions.

Division 2
WDS Young Farmers B 35 v Ramsey Red 7
POTM Zoe Crowe for WDS Young Farmers B

Earlier in the season Ramsey had beaten the Young Farmers with the close score of 14-13, however this was not the case this time as the Young Farmers had the upper hand throughout the match. In the first quarter, Young Farmers scored the first point, setting the tone for the rest of the match. Play was extremely fast and frantic with all players in the centre court working hard to get it to their shooters, leading to many dropped balls and turnovers. The quarter ended 5-2 to the Young Farmers.

The second quarter was when both the GS Anna Higgins and the GA Nicola Cain started to gain a good flow of play and despite the best efforts of the Ramsey defensive team, GD Emma Vondy and GK Rachel Andrews struggled to stop the goals. Young Farmers began to dominate, especially the defensive tea of GD Zoe Crowe and GK Lucy Corlett, meaning Ramsey were only able to score 1 goal, making the halftime score 16-3.

Starting the third quarter, Ramsey worked hard bringing on new GA Teresa Bryden, but sadly she had to go off later in the match due to an injury. Young Farmers then began to capitalise with their WA Suzanne Slater and C Sasha Baily working incredibly well as a team to send the ball to their shooters. Ramsey continued to fight for each ball, but due to the defence from the Young Farmers, the third quarter ended 23-6.

In the final quarter, Young Farmers continued their dominance with a great rebound from GA Nicci Cain to score. Ramsey still got some good shots from the GS Isla Gale, but Young Farmers increased their gap by 28 points. Ramsey tried their hardest to close the gap and fought for the whole quarter until the final whistle. A well-deserved win for Young Farmers.