Marbree Misffits A 17 Simcocks Red Eagles 42
POTM Natalie Swales for Simcocks Red Eagles

The game started well for the Misfits girls who worked hard and capitalised on any loose or missed balls by the Simcocks girls. Simcocks were missing their centre Rachel Johnstone so they took to the court with a team they were not used too, however this did not stop the girls or hinder their play.The girls seem to have the depth within their team to switch players round into any position. Chloe Gale started at WA and Claire Belcher-Smith at Centre they both worked well together and fed the ball well to Sarah Corkish in the GS position. Simcocks finished the quarter up by 4 goals.

Marbree had a switch around for the second quarter, as did Simcocks. Sarah Corkish came out to WA and this proved an excellent move. Sarah fed the circle with ease and Aalish Bridson and Chloe Gale did not seem to miss and worked effortlessly together. Down the other end of the court the defensive duo of Viva Stawna & Natalie Swales also worked well together making Lauren and Danielle Murphy work hard to get a clear shot. Hannah Leece put the pressure on the WA on the edge of the circle making great interceptions. Natalie Swales worked extremely hard for her team and in turn only 2 goals were scored in the third quarter. Simcocks continued piling on the pressure in the last quarter and kept the Misfits girls from scoring half.

This was a very highly contested game with nothing being left to go. Both teams worked hard and although the score line does not reflect it. Missfits made it difficult for the reds and it was a great game to watch

Division 1
Castletown Spaniards 27 v Marbree Missfits B 26
POTM Amy Kneale for Marbree Missfits B

Both teams got off to a strong start with little between the teams, but it was the top of the table Castletown Spaniards who took the edge at the end of the quarter, leading 8-7 after 10 minutes of strong play, up and down the court.

Castletown came back strong in the second quarter, with some great shooting from both Zoe Brooks-Lund (GS) and Sara Collister (GA), which allowed them to increase their lead quite significantly at half time, giving them a 9-goal lead to make it 20-11.

In the third quarter, Marbree changed the positions of Sammy Bowden(C) and Becky Pate (WA) which increased the momentum of the game, giving Missfits some better attacking options down the court and closing the gap to only 3 goals.

Marbree continued to apply the pressure in the final quarter with some fantastic defence from Amy Kneale (GK) and Donna Long (GD). There really was nothing between both sides in the final quarter but unfortunately for Marbree a few minor errors allowed Spaniards to take the win by just one goal, to make the result 27-26. A well fought game by both teams, especially for Marbree as they made a comeback of 11 goals during the match. Player of the Match went to Marbree Missfits Goalkeeper, Amy Kneale.

Division 1
Ramsey Red 14 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Echo 33
POTM Mairi Harrison for Suntera Global Ballasalla Echo

The young Suntera Global Ballasalla Echoes started with energy and worked the ball down the court fluidly to goal. Ramsey Red’s captain, Lisa Collister, was able to spoil their fun on several occasions, getting some nice touches but Ballasalla were able to build a 7-goal lead in the first quarter.

Tactical changes then saw Ramsey’s Emma Vondy match up at goalkeeper against Ballasalla’s Charlie Callow-Moore. This made for a better battle and the Ramsey shooting due of Teresa Bryden and Ariana Kerruish turned any gains into goals. This quarter was level, meaning Ballasalla maintained their 7-goal lead at half time.

In the third quarter, everything came together for the Ballasalla side. Charlie Callow-Moore moved out to goal attack and recruit Lucy Radcliffe moved into goal shooter, they moved nicely together and were steady on their shots. Ramsey centre, Erin Kelly, worked tirelessly in the midcourt, but with both Ballasalla ends firing well, it was a difficult task, and the Ballasalla score took off.

In the final quarter, Emma Vondy and Reece Dalugdugan were able to force Ballasalla into taking some long-range shots but Mairi Harrison, who came on to shoot for Ballasalla in the final quarter, was on form and able to sink the shots from wherever she got the ball. Ballasalla defence was relentless throughout the court with Daisy Downs, Georgia Walton and Shrav Sivakumar picking up interceptions. Wing attack, Amelia Brockbanks also got on the interception score board. The game finished 33-14 to Ballasalla Echoes, w.ith player of the match being awarded to Mairi Harrison.